Interesting triangle formation recorded over Melbourne, Australia – February 2013


UFO sightings 2013 – This amazing video of a bright unidentified flying objects or orbs was recorded in Melbourne, the second most populous city in Australia, in early February 2013.

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  1. Hiya..shame you didnt zoom in on the bright light flash at 1min 53sec coming from the riverbank and out of the trees…looked interesting..

  2. def visitors from our solar system the triangle formation must be significant too there craft manoevre excellent video more proof of e.t craft wheres the melbourne military or police never ever there couldnt catch these craft anyway too advanced for our technology .

  3. exactly, took me a while to stop it in the right place, but whatever flashed upwards did so at an incredible speed. No craft we have can travel so fast.

  4. The craft weren't that far from you, like the other poster said, 1:55 is were the other craft took off. It's not so much that they are fast, its just our time reference is slow. It took off in front of the trees so it was closer than big object further away, it is smaller objects closer.

  5. What is the Flash/Explosion @.54 on what I think is the right bridge tower? It's more than a flash….Excellent capture…Thanks

    • In fact it's the exact same footage as the link you provided on the video originally posted in August 2011 in Omaha. This poster is therefore a faker.

  6. Well it was not filmed in Melbourne as the video is the same as the one on youtube which is from America and that's why the sound is down so you cannot hear the guy talk to his girlfriend/wife.

  7. hmm, yes ok, i am open minded and would like to believe….just one question though…if you zoomed in on your footage for the three mysterious lights and showed us that….then…how come you didnt zoom in on the 1:52 bright 'shooting off' light below then and include that also ? ….hmmmm left me questioning after that minor detail..otherwise…interesting

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