Edgar Mitchell: UFO and Aliens are Real and Watching Us

Edgar Mitchell is a famous NASA astronaut that has walked on the Moon. He says he has proof that the Greys are real and that right now aliens are watching us.

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    • hey, since you've had first hand experience with abduction, what do you think they're trying to do with us? Also, are there any authors/books about abduction that you would suggest reading? thanks

    • I had multiple instances from when I was 8-11 yrs old of being paralyzed and in sheer teeror from it. Also when I was 9 I was outside by a tree in my front yard when a sensation of static raining around me. i have never forgotten that as it was in the daytime.

    • I want to please the &quot;Anonymous&quot; who said:<br /><br />1955 while camping, abducted, and Examined Contacted at least 5 times in my life, They are real.<br /><br />Contact me, because I was trying to communicate with people who have or believe they have been abductees. Looking for a very specific common among abductees to confirm my thesis on the abductions.<br /><br />thank you<br /><br

  1. How can he say that they are real and never see one or even see a UFO? he is a very famous person who people look up to and then say something like that– you start to wonder if he is OK! he may feel they are real and would like them to be– I saw a UFO when I was a teenager but that does not make them real–what did I see–who knows –we saw something when I was in the Navy, but was it ET–

    • He has an ear in the upper echelons, and HAS seen them, on a monitor while he was up there. Saying he&#39;s wrong since he never saw them is like saying how can you know Egypt exists if you&#39;ve never been there. We&#39;re kept in the dark, but men like him-even if they haven&#39;t &#39;been there&#39;–no dozens of men who have, men beyond reproach testimony wise. Use Occam&#39;s Razor and it&

  2. Ed Mitchell speaks, and Buzz Aldrin remains silent, and if anything contradicts Ed.<br /><br />I find the entire denial of Alien life infuriating and insulting.<br /><br />That said, I know governments will never come clean and we will never see disclosure…………..I guess the Buzz Aldrin&#39;s of this planet win and the fully transparent people like Ed Mitchell loose………….along with

  3. Mr. Mitchell makes perfect sense regarding the prospect of other life throughout the universe! Without visual proof he can still come to the conclusion that we have company in the universe just by the mental process called common sense.

  4. Why would he do anything foolish to jeopardize his already brilliant credentials with NASA? He&#39;s speaking out because our government is doing nothing to prepare us for the eventual contact in the future.

  5. There is not one government on earth that has any part of a UFO or ET locked up in a lab, if there was -someone would speak out and show proof this is too big not for someone to have the guts to do that- also UFO stories are the only books or articles that a writer can write and say it TRUE and get away with it- Dr. Mitchell has just got caught in all these stories and picture of light that have

    • Sounds like you have had a few anal probes–its not that Mitchell is making something up, he thinks all this UFO stuff is true and he has no proof, if he did he would bring it forward, to say something does&#39;nt make it so, some one like him should be more careful before they start making statements like he has, after all he is a true American Hero to all of us.

    • I know a Super Scientist, Lockheed Martin who interviewed an alien telepathically. The questions were answered using the voice of the interviewer. Our government is holding out on us. I don&#39;t know why, unless they think we might panic. Remember Orson Wells !!! ??

  6. I would think by now most people who have even lightly looked into the subject of abductions should be convinced that they are real and instead turn their attention to the question, &quot;What do they want?&quot;<br /><br />I think the answer to this is rather obvious, too. First, and foremost, these are not benevolent beings. If you broke into someone&#39;s house in the middle of the night,

  7. WOW!- that was something, you&#39;ve really bought into this abduction thing, the truth is there is no proof that this is happening, so there is no truth to it, its all dreams and in our imaginations, movies, books, and radio and TV promotes this kind of thing all the time, it sells and we start to believe it, this UFO thing is a billion dollar business, if there is UFOs and ETs (and there may

  8. They are just more advanced than we are period. People who say they don&#39;t exist either haven&#39;t had an experience or believe we are the only living beings in this vast universe. I have had many experiences from a crop circle in my backyard to seeing them with different people and making them believers. Just look up and you might get lucky and it will be up to you to determine, was it this,

    • Having an experience or not- (I have had a few myself, one up ciose large saucer type over head fly by)- we all have to be aware that most of this UFO crap is just that, and not one of these experiences can be proved and untill we have something lets be carefull before we say they are real and that gos for Dr. Mitchell .<br />This UFO thing may not be living beings from some were in the vast

  9. Even if only 2% of sighting and abduction claims are true and correct with no hint of twisting the true facts of what the witness recounts, that&#39;s hundreds of credible experiences. Something is happening to these people. To disregard every account is just ridiculous. We the people deserve to know what is going on.

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