The Validity of UFO Abduction Cases

There were several reports about people being abducted by unidentified flying objects  and aliens yet no one has really proven the entire validity. Alien abduction has been divided into two types: hallucination and real-time.

alien abduction

Abductees in the hallucination category are those who reported being kidnapped by these unknown flying machines unconsciously while those in the real-time are obviously those who remember how they are abducted while conscious.

Reportedly, there are six people who are claimed to be valid abductees of aliens because of being kidnapped in real-time. This overrides the notion that those who claim to be in hallucination or hypnosis during abduction is also true. Would it be considerable to conclude that legitimate abductees are only those who experience such in real-time and exclude any other reasons?

The abduction case of these six people, who are reported to be completely Irish, is considered as ultimately acceptable because of the absence of unreasonable factors: delusion, sleep-dreaming and altered state encounter. But what about those who claim to have been abducted by ufos basing on such factors? Is it right to reason out that they do not deserve attention because they might just be lying or are just aiming to get attention?

Since these six people are Irish, could it imply that aliens have interest in Ireland? If that is the case, then why there are no such records of more abduction cases in this country?

These real-time abductees might be considered as valid victims but it does not mean that eyes should only focus on real-time cases. Ideas and experiences from others are also needed to solve the truth behind this ever enigma.

Besides, if unidentified flying objects and aliens are actually those what people perceive to be powerful, advanced and colonizers, then anyone should think twice and ask why human kind continues to exist despite the fact that these unknown creatures have been reported even in the early decades.

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  1. This writer is indeedly misinformed. There are several proven cases of abduction including artificial insemination,<br />puncture wounds, phosphorescent marks,pictures of the alien father, ship and DNA of fetus. Does this person need to be abducted to believe? PROSPECTOR.

  2. Dont you think they are many types of aliens out there? some might have better technology than the other. some might be more evil than the other. It is such a huge universe out there. Theres so many reason to abduct as well..some might want to study without testing, some might want to test and do experiment…etc. Same like how we treat marine lives…So dont confine your mind to one abduction

  3. Actually the same theme runs through all known abductee stories… samples are being taken. Some are known experiments at least by the abductees and some are relatively unknown as to why they are taking the samples. Based on how humans get their information I would say curiosity and experimentation are the explanations for any of the aliens. Its an ongoing thing, just as it would be for us as

  4. Most dont want to believe there are aliens even among us. There have been here on Earth for millions of years. The helped upgrade our intelligence (thus the huge jump in technology in just the past one hundred years) There are abductions like it or not..most don’t want to believe anything about other worlds or species because it’s just plain too scary to think about…and that’s ok…but the reality of it is…it’s real, they are among us with no way anyone can tell. They have psychic abilities and much more than that.

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