Mysterious Object from Russian MIR Space Station

Reports on sightings of UFOs across the world vary. Some may be very interesting while others are too obvious to be a hoax. Many could be very disappointed with confessions that are so untrue that intend just to gain attention.mir ufoWhile many claims are held undeserving to remember, a photograph of an unidentified flying object by French engineer Jean-Pierre Haignere aboard the MIR Space Station may be worth watching. It has been debated whether the object is some sort of UFO or just a water droplet.

Jean-Pierre Haignere was the first non-Russian to be launched an engineer on board Soyuz to the Russian MIR Space Station for the Perseus mission on February 20, 1999. The experimental project comprised the continuation of former experiments by France from Cassiopee and Pegase missons and other experiments from Germany and ESA in the field of biology, physics and life science.

There is still no official statement released about the mysterious object as suggested by other experts. But it seems like the object is more likely to appear as water droplet than the common UFO.

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  1. This film clip shows only an image & there's no movement. We can only speculate that condensation adhering to the lens taking the photo is just that… condensation.

  2. there are no water droplets or condensation in the MIR space station. water droplets would be wiped up immediately and they wouldn't be playing with water near cameras. this looks like a nice shiny ufo!

  3. It looks like a shiny metallic disk to me, but then again I've never seen what a water droplet on a window in space looks like either.

    • go to Chris Hadfield's many fantastic things he did in space on youtube! included is water and how it forms!

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