Triangle UFO filmed over Fresno, California 27-Jun-2013

fresno ufoLatest UFO sightings – This triangle-shaped craft was flying across the night sky above Fresno in California on Thursday, 27th June 2013 at 3:50 am.

Witness report: craft was seen coming from west heading east heading towards mountains very fast. slight light red color 3 lights were seen. SONY camera trv-103 was on about 30 times on manual focus.night vision was used during some video. me only witness. clear calm earl morning night. too fast for a plane and you would have to hear it ! maybe secret military craft? or alien ?

Author (UfosAreRealFresno @ youtube)


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  1. its the new tr3 bs made in area fifty one groom lake been flying them since 1998 around our world test flights dont think its alien ? yet again im just giving an opinion .good video .

    • it could be sure. but dont rush into that conclusion so fast my friend. i filmed this and it came from the west towards the ocean and was heading east towards the mountains and area 51. it was moving faster than any plane military or what ever that i have ever seen before. and it was complete silent! and to go along with that that lights did not blink or look like any other plane lights i have

  2. Frustrating when your trying to get something unusual on video and you can't keep up with it. I feel your pain. Good luck!

  3. according to the stars it is passing , it looks like just the right speed for a plane. but you saw it, and you say you didn't hear a jet. so we can only go by what you say.

  4. Who wants to break it to this guy that planes don't stop flying after a certain time. This is a plane, it's blinking light was steady like navigation lights, there's nothing in this video that convinces me it's anything but a plane. And yes, planes do fly at 4:00 am.

  5. You know. There sure has been alot of triangles in the fresno area. And I have not seen any videos of these doing any strange evasive manuvers. I really think these are ours. there is bases near buy.I think there testing new really quiet electric drones.

  6. It looks like a test vehicle, the variation in speed and manuvers. They can&#39;t fly them in the daytime it would be too appearant what was going on. Too many people would know too much.<br />The night testing has been in progress since it was determined that eyes are open in daytime, most are shut during the night.<br />The few who see these test can easily be discounted.

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