New video of a bright UFO over Santa Fe, New Mexico 19-Aug-2013

This footage of a bright unidentified flying object slowly flying across the night sky above Santa Fe in New Mexico was recorded on Monday, 19th August 2013.

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  1. not only was i watching the object, but i was really watching those branches down at the bottom. even through the pixels they do not look like they are moving in real time. i believe this is Venus being passed off as a ufo video. Venus is due west right now and can be seen even before twilight.

  2. This light cannot be Venus, as the planet would appear to set in the west much slower and at a steeper angle, similar to the setting sun.

    • well it's from New Mexico. how do we know how Venus looks like there and what angle it's at? all i know is that Venus is in the west, at least it is here in quebec.

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