The Discovery Of Area 51 Pyramid Brings More Speculations On USAF Off World Travel

Area 51 has been bringing intrigue to the public. The government initially denied its existence until admitted it as purely military facility. However, conspiracy theorists viewed Area 51 as the facility for aliens and UFO reverse engineering. Structures in Area 51 are not all known even to some personnel working in the base. Security is very tight and workers in the facility are only confined to their respective areas and don’t have access to the entire facility.

One of the interesting structures discovered in Area 51 was the pyramid. Author of UFO Sightings Daily Scott C. Waring reports about this pyramid and says that there were two hovering craft discovered near the pyramid through Google Earth image. He says that the pyramid structure seems to indicate that scientists and military have been meeting with aliens in desired settings. He speculates that the two craft were alien UFOs used for communicating, sharing and taking personnel of USAF to other planets or dimension.

Gary Mckinnon, a Scottish hacker, has claimed that off world US military does really happen because he discovered names of soldiers, ships, ranks in US military computers, according to Scott C. Waring.

The pyramid in Area 51 was discovered on July 21, 2013 at 37° 5’45.66″N 116° 5’35.77″W on Google Earth Map but the scene has changed on July 27, 2013. The Area 51 pyramid was reportedly found miles from the main facility.

According to Scott Waring, it seems that the US will continue to be a world power because its government, military and scientists have been coordinating with advanced aliens for developing new technology.

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    • let me guess: a Christian -what is with the mind set of this nature – it's hard enough to believe communications with aliens ("alians" (sic)) let alone an invisible man in the sky who can do anything yet, for some reason can't handle money and always has a hand out for more money –

  1. In the conversation between Satan and Jesus in the desert, Satan stated that he had control of all the world governments, and he gave power to whomsoever he pleased (read it). Jesus didn't argue as he said many times that his kingdom was not of this world. God doesn't build world governments. The US will remain a world power because they have made a deal with the devil, or in UFO terms…

    • WHO writes these things? They CAN&#39;T have been originally written in English. To wit: &quot;Area 51 has been bringing intrigue to the public&quot;. What in Heaven&#39;s name does that mean?<br />I couldn&#39;t find a grammatically correct sentence until the second paragraph.<br /><br />The nutty guy who &quot;knows&quot;, and reports about, the conversation between Satan and Jesus in the

  2. Why do some people want to know what goes I=on in a Top Secret military base. Are they spies? If a place is top secret then no wonder lethal force can be used to keep people out. In any other country you would be shot on sight if you tried to photograph or otherwise jeopardize a country&#39;s security. What&#39;s with these people. why the need to know? So we have top military units and projects

  3. CRACK&#39;s !!!!! Me up, People are so BRAIN WASHED !!!! Govmnt has you !!!! Yes you !!right where they want your dumb~ass.PLEASE open the EYE&#39;s<br />

    • I agree with ya(Flight Level). The writer&#39;s do leave much to be desired on this story but unfortunately many people are brainwashed. Whatever the case, it is every single person&#39;s duty to investigate these and all government cover-ups. It&#39;s time to teach the backseat drivers how to take the wheel and step on it! Always keep an open mind and educate your brethren so that they open

  4. Are there still people believing that US technology emerged from UFOs ? These must ignore how the first transistor looked like: a pile-up of semiconducting material with a few wires glued to it… Nothing more was needed to initiate the semiconductors and computer industry.<br /><br />If one was to imagine some way UFOs may have influenced our technology, one would rather think of some

  5. Those two silver things sure appear to be hovering? I guess it really could be a meet and greet center for the ET VIP. That guy Scott seems to be very well informed? He should be commended for revealing all the stuff the government has been hiding for fifty years. I am positive his efforts will help force the government to disclose their cooperation with 56 different alien species.

  6. it&#39;s a teleportation device, that is what pyramids were and are used for amongst other things energetic.

  7. 1: its a firing table, but believers will discount this fact in preference of explanation which fits the conspiracy/alien agenda view.<br />2: S.C.Waring seems to ignore logical tech explanations (ie; film or lens anomaly) or mundane explanation (ie; &quot;a bird&quot; in favour of the phenomenal improbables.<br />3: people who disrespect Christians as &quot;misguided&quot; or &quot;uninformed&

  8. Our government will continue to work with other species of aliens. Who exchange information and technology with us. There has been a recent release of information , about area-51. But, they will Never reveal the real truth&#39;s. Also there is a new area-51. Location, unknown, but supposedly in around Orignal area-51.

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