The Identity of the UFO Noticed By an Astronaut Finally Explained

Was an alien spaceship finally spotted by an astronaut?Something strange or an unidentified flying object was noticed by NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy. The UFO hovering past a window at the International Space Station on August 19, Monday morning. Cassidy immediately relayed this strange event in to the Mission Control Center of NASA in Houston. NASA officials gave a much simpler explanation about the odd encounter.

NASA officials said that the UFO was actually a space junk. Russian flight controllers identified the UFO as Zvezda service module’s antenna cover.

The Zvezda service module is Russia’s first major contribution to the ISS. So the module is part of the space station itself that was launched in 2000. According to NASA, it provides different life support systems and serves as a living quarters for the station.

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  1. So! They admit it was a COVER-up. Pretty slack of the russians to be dropping hazardous junk into local space orbit. A 'likely' story !

  2. cool. there is ALOT of space junk up there. once stuff is in orbit i guess it can't fall back down unless it's propelled by an engine?

  3. Why do you write – Finally????? The astronauts has seen ET spaceships since they went out there 1st time.. No news here …???

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