UFO Sightings In Area 51 And The Development Of A Flying Saucer By US Air Force And Army

A hovering saucer within Area 51? Did the US government designed a saucer-shaped flying stuff and carried out an experiment air travel at secretive Area 51?

Many reports concerning the US military developing its very own flying saucer in the 1950s. Furthermore, for the first occasion, the just recently declassified Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) report openly recognized Area 51. For people who don’t know about the location, it’s a cold war-era test site situated in Nevada, just close to Groom Lake.

Taking into consideration the developing of a flying saucer and recognizing Area 51 in public, one may possibly realize that the test site and the flying saucer might be connected. Both are consistent to numerous stories regarding UFO sightings within the area. This sort of report has made the military premises intriguing, primarily to those who are convinced about extra-terrestrials, alien craft and Bigfoot.

The popular US saucer undertaking was the one with a code name Project 1794. The US government apparently funded the project through the Air Force looking to create a circular object that could travel at Mach 3 or higher.

The presence of Project 1794 has long been public but the National Archives just recently published it on the internet. This simply made a minor news to the general public as it failed to get much interest as Area 51 news but it’s still an intriguing information.

Canadian company, Avro Aircraft Ltd., conducted the saucer development, looking to design a flat, spherical vertical-take-off-and-landing aircraft with flying power up to 100,000 feet at speed higher than all other aircraft.

Six Siddeley Viper jet engines supplied the propulsion with a large horizontal fan inside the vehicle. The air of the fan was designed to be sent to a ring circling along the bottom edge, raising the vehicle above the ground and so on.

Layout and creation of scale models were completed as well as wind-tunnel testing. It seems the flow of air through the saucer was very challenging. However, Avro was upbeat after the initial stage.

The currently revealed report determined that the aircraft could be manipulated and maneuvered satisfactorily from idle engine to supersonic full speed.

The Air Force back then wasn’t convinced. Another 3 million dollars was required for the large saucer’s ongoing development but officials refused to pay. Even so, the Air Force and the Army mutually financed the creation of a smaller model called Avrocar, which had been run by 3 turbojets and measured 18 feet across. It underwent various assessments from 1959 to 1961.

Having said that, the testing seemingly took place only in Canada. The Avrocar didn’t fail to achieve a forward speed of approximately 115 mph but it did fall short in altitude as it never got higher than a few feet above the ground even with pilot efforts to go higher.

NASA moved the Avrocar to the US for a number of wind-tunnel tests. This could suggest that the saucer wasn’t reliable at very high speeds. The US military completely ended its backing for the saucer in 1961.

So, it appears that both Project 1794 and the Avrocar haven’t been able to take flight at Area 51. The currently released CIA report that recognizes the presence of Area 51, doesn’t talk about Avocar, Avro, flying saucer or Project 1794 in its index. Alien or extra-terrestrial isn’t there too.

Rather, the CIA report stresses some important points concerning the design and creation of the U-2 spy plane.

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