Strange lights over Yakima Training Center in Washington – September 2013

KIMA looked into it and found out a lot of you were also getting in touch with the UFO Center. Calls came in from Yakima, Zillah, Toppenish and Sunnyside.

We got some answers from the Yakima Training Center. The center says the lights were coming from some military exercises.

“There were a lot of people, the whole block was outside and lined up you know. At first everyone was like, kind of had the same reaction, ‘oh no way it’s this, that'”, said JR who watched the whole event.

The Yakima Training Center says the lights were either coming from illumination rounds or military beacons that can reflect light when it’s foggy.

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  1. Yes this is true,I belonged to the 210th armor NYSANG.Training @ Fort Drum NY.WE were a tank Div: Fired at night.These look like flares.These things are really kool.Hit the base on the ground and they shoot up super high.White fosfurous.They seem to stay up forever.4/or5 will make it look like 12 [email protected] 12pm.We had to shoot at nite.USAF F-14s used the range in the day.Dont want to be on the range

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