Washington: UFO Sighting Ignored By Hartford Government Despite Making To The Top 10 UFO Cases Of 2012

Hartford’s chamber of commerce discusses about small town appeal, historical architecture, quality education and scenic location in the rolling hills of the Kettle Moraine.

However, mysterious spaceship is not part of the talks not even mentioning the fact that Washington County community was among the top 10 UFO cases of 2012.

UFO enthusiasts in the area think there has been a cover-up and Sheriff’s Department is involve as well. Sheriff is still silent about what really happened on the evening of July the 13th last year in rural area just outside of town.

Mutual UFO Network, considered as one of the largest and oldest UFO investigative organisations in the US, released the list in August. Director of research for MUFON Robert Powell says their organisation receives over 7,000 UFO reports a year and 60% are dismissed as meteors, airplanes or something in the sky that can be explained. Many of the remaining reports are unclear reports of distant lights in the sky.

The list is trimmed down to a few dozen sightings for science board review which is made up of scientists. They consider several factors including the credibility of the witnesses and distance of the object.

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