A UFO Baffles Several Witnesses In UK

On the night of October 4, 2013, Friday, a fluorescent green disk was reported hovering above Whiteshill, creating speculations about alien UFO invading the airspace of Five Valley.
Several people witnessed the unusual object throughout Friday night and it was also caught on camera on Saturday morning by a man driving from Painswick to Stroud.

Sam Villeneuve, a mixed martial arts enthusiast, saw the UFO around 9PM on Friday. He reportedly saw it floating above him and captured a photo of it.

The UFO was photographed again by a motorist who took several shots of the apparent alien ship before it disappeared into the night sky.

The motorist reportedly saw a ring of blue or green light in the night sky, just above a treeline around 1 AM. He pulled over at a designated bus stop close to Edge to take some photos. The object vanished after a few minutes.

He doesn’t believe in alien spaceships but his sighting was definitely odd for him. He did not see the object like a helicopter because it wasn’t hovered like it.

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  1. i live roughly 4 miles away in sometimes see strange things in the area <br />at night my story is in report 53# at the very bottom <br />luke, glos

  2. So what was it? what was the official report? How many people saw it? How long was it in the sky? Could it have been a balloon?

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