UFO Enthusiast Reveals Ring UFO Near Gemini 5 Mission

UFO Sightings Daily reported an apparent UFO that flew close to the Gemini 5 mission apparently seen over NASA archives. The website is own by Scott C. Waring, a businessman in Taiwan and a man formerly affiliated with the U.S. Air Force at SAC base.

In this particular report, Waring included the original image of the alleged alien UFO together with a video from YouTube. The website claims that the image was taken from the official NASA archives.

The report mentions the shape of the UFO and talks about how it flew close to the Gemini module. According to Waring, the ring UFO appears to be very near to the Gemini, which is located in Earth’s orbit.

Waring says that it’s clear enough to determine that the mysterious UFO was flying close to the Gemini Mission because of the detailed image. However, it’s a challenge to determine the edges of the object because the UFO appeared to be surrounded by an aura.

Scott Waring believes that the unusual object is made of white ceramic, which is one of three things consistent with alien structures.

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