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Your UFO reports: 5th October –  12th October 2013
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Loznica, near Zalec, Slovenia – 13.10.2013, 17:30h
Walking outside town with my father on a nice, mostly sunny day, we saw this slowly moving light in the sky. No sound, just slowly flying over the sky. We were in the open, there was no reflections or anything like it..

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Bulgaria, Sofia – 12.10.13. 19,30h.
captured with iphone 4

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N of Belle Isle Fl – 12Oct13 21:30 HrsAt 21:30 

I was outside where I work at and in the distance N of Belle Isle FL I observed 2 orange spheres in the sky. They would appear from the east traveling to the west where they would disappear only to reappear again in the east. I watched them for an hour and 15 minutes. And this wasn’t the first time I witnessed this. Approx. 2 months ago I again observed 6 orange spheres appearing from the east of disappearing in the north. I don’t know what they could be. Any thoughts?

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Hawaii – 11/10/2013 

Not sure if this will turn out to be of interest or not but i thought i’d give you the heads up on it.
The link is from the Hawaii telescope, cloudcam which i was using to look for comet ISON.
At around the 20 second mark, if you look at ‘Electra’ you will see a light come into view travelling from top left towards bottom right. The frames seem to be every 30 to 60 seconds so the object takes something like 20 mins to traverse a part of the sky. Aircraft look quite different and it is going in the wrong direction to be a star or planet and it’s not a comet or meteorite.

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Taylors Hill (victoria, australia) 3037 – 9.19pm October 11 2013 

I was out for routine sky watching with my Pulsar Recon x550 digital NV unit when two small luminous orb ufos came into view over my house in Taylors Hill, Australia. I was able to track them for a limited time in formation before they turned away and disappeared from view. The time recorded was 9.19pm October 11, 2013. Estimated range 1km.

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Manor township Lancaster PA – 10 /09/2013 

Object in sky moving side to side up and down pulsating from gray to black clouds moving around it shimmer like a mirage. Very odd me and husband saw it watched it for five minutes. Can not explain what I saw very creepy. Any one elsesaw it was around 9:00am 10:00 am.

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Wellborn,Fl. – About 9:30 pm/oct 9th-13 

Last nite went out to see the metor show,But saw something i cant explain.A foot ball shape plurr.Looked like it was in destress.Smoke going upwards.Than 2 round object came out of the left side.Like 2 big white stars and turned orange to light blue.Than went back into this thing and it was gone.Smoke lasted for a few min:and vanished.No sound.EST say maybe a mile away @ est,20,000 feet.Hard to say in the dark.What ever it was it was having trouble.It did not fall to the ground,I would have seen that.I live in the country,No city lights.?????

George David
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Ashfield, PA – Oct 8, 2013, 7:50 PM 
Was outside laying on the ground stargazing at the draconoids meteor shower, in the time frame we witness meteor, planes and even satellites so we had a ray of comparisons for seeing this unknown object in the sky. It appeared directly above us out of nowhere very bright somewhere in the flying zones of planes. It moved very slowly and made its way going south and within a minute it changed direction 60 degrees and continue to travel in a not so straight line until eventually it faded away behind the very little clouds that were in the sky. Being that there was also a satellite making its way across the sky as well as witnessing the meteors, it was easy to tell it was not like anything that could have some reason. Eliminating all possible options left both us questioning what we saw and although we cannot just claim it was an alien or entity, it was definitely an unknown bright orb that appeared in the sky and traveled in a fashion unlike anything found in today’s society. With no noise whatsoever and the sudden appearance, even being skeptical we accepted that what we witness was out of the norm.
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Hoke county, North Carolina (USA) – 10/07//13

At Dusk every evening in the south western sky, I see a small white light appear, that gets larger and brighter as it seems to get closer and then it moves up and down and then it goes below the horizon and out of sight.It is hard to view in the telescope because it moves around.How ever it looks like a round sphere with dull grayesh yellow surface with craters. Hard to explain. Cannot get a good view with my telescope. Been seeing it for years.

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Newburgh, IN, 7766 – 2013-10-07 6pm 37m

I was looking at the sky and i saw a bright object in the sky, kind of like if you would see venus in late evening, i went in for a drink, but when i looked at the object again, it was gone. i have no video or picture of this because i thought it was venus but believe me, i saw it with my own two eyes.

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Chandler, Arizona – 06/Oct/2013

I was driving down the street and saw a strange orange light in the sky. I pulled into a parking lot to get a better look. I noticed that there were 2 of them in line, heading south. One turned east and continued until it disappeared in the distance. Then I noticed 3 or 4 more in line with the first 3. Again, one turned east while the other two or 3 continued south. Anyone else in AZ see this?

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St.Helens, Merseyside. – 6-30pm.sat.5oct.

This was the first of 4 alien craft,filmed,hovering,this one low,to SW,about 1ml.,beyond Chapel House Motor Sales.I was leaning on rails in front of cinema,adjacent to Wetherspoon’s,Running Horses bar.hAVE NOT YET PUBLISHED THIS vid!Robert Newton,12mls.E,of Liverpool.

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Salisbury East, Adelaide, South Australia – 3 October 2013. 19.45
Two dark blue lights seen in the north eastern sky at approximately 45 degrees. Went inside to tell my brother but when i came out 1 minute later they were gone.

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Crystal Creek NSW – 2/10/2013 3:30 pm
I observed this object while on holidays with my wife and captured it on my iPhone. We were located at Upper Crystal Creek NSW Australia, which I have since found out is a hotbed for UFO sightings. I was laying in bed watching the scenery and it caught my eye on top of the tree ridge which was ~1km away. This was ~15:30 Wednesday 2/10/2013, I observed it for a couple of mins moving slowly across the treeline before i grabbed my iPhone and recorded it from behind the glass window. It made no sound and was small in size and round/spherical in shape as you can see at the start of the video when it moves below the treeline. It had no flashing warning lights as all aircraft have, It looked metallic and seemed to be reflecting the sun which was low in the sky directly behind the point of viewing. Either that or it was pulsing, as it fades from view at some points. It moved across the sky W to E at constant speed then ascended at 1:30sec mark and descended at 2:00sec – 2:30sec mark. Then hovered for several seconds before accelerating left to right 2:40sec to 2:59sec. The really interesting thing to me is at 2:57sec when it changes course at high speed downward at 45 deg angle before going out view behind the trees.
I see myself as a pretty knowledgeable person but when it comes to what this could be so far I cant explain it, I have ruled out a plane, helicopter, or similar aircraft, def not a balloon as it seems to be on a predetermined flight path. Could be some kind of drone or probe, as i get the feeling it was in some kind of surveillance mode by its actions. Also highly unlikely to be manned as it was small in size and the last turn it made at high speed was to much for a person to withstand. Well any constructive comments are welcome as to what this could be.

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Bloomington, Indiana – night ??
One night I was sitting out on the porch and I look up at the sky and I see what at first I thought were stars but then I notice them moving very slowly and uniformly, they were in the shape of a perfect equilateral triangle and since then I’ve always wonder if I saw a UFO, so I’m hoping maybe someone could tell me if I did or not, sorry no photos

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Bremen / Arsten in Germany – 25.08.2013
My Wife did see this Red light UFO or Orb moving very slowly from the left to the right. we have only this one picture from this sighting.

One day later we see two more of this Objekts, but they are lookig withe. They take nearley the same way like the Objekt from the picture.



Denmark, Western Australia – 20 August 2013
Snapped this whilst taking shots of the moon,any idea what it may be…


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