UFO Sighting Video Over Cumbria, UK

A local newspaper of Keswick, Cumbria in United Kingdom recently reported about a man who spotted an unusual object in the sky in late September. The man notified the newspaper about his UFO sighting in hopes to know other witnesses. He says the strange object appeared to have pulsating lights that were changing in colours around the perimeter of a sphere.Richard Smith says he spotted the UFO on September 29, 2013 at around 5:30 in the morning. He initially thought that it was a satellite, helicopter or airplane as it appeared to him as a white light. However, moments later, he changed his mind.

He then thought that the object was not the ordinary thing in the sky, so he decided to get his telescope to get a better look of the object. Indeed, he confirmed that the object was something strange. He recorded the UFO using his iPhone through the telescope for less than a minute.

The video appears to show a sphere object that is surrounded by several flashing lights. Local UFO expert Pat Regan says that it is difficult to determine whether the video is fake or not because it shows no other reference such as a tree, building or moon to determine the size of the object. Regan continues that if the video is a fake, it is a well done one.

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