UFO Disclosure: Is It Something To Look Forward?

UFO believers are convinced that disclosure will surely happen sooner or later. But many ordinary people around the world wonder why disclosure still did not happen in an age when information is very hard to keep secret for long.

In the era of WikiLeaks wherein even top secret information is being leaked, no leak about UFO has been mentioned. Does UFOs exist or they’re just more distant than generally thought.

WikiLeaks has featured leaked documents from Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning but nothing about UFOs. The Guardian is also silent about the subject.

Some would ask why no UFO documents were leaked if there was any solid information about the subject. Perhaps, the nature of UFO contact is not physical or not documentary.

There are two different sides in UFOlogy and the following explain these two in details:

1. Extra-Terrestrial Beings

This side of UFOlogy is focusing on the ships which are flying with their pilots. For this group of people, UFO is not considered as unidentified anymore as they believe the ship is coming from other planet and is controlled by extra-terrestrials inside it. UFOs are believed to be the vehicles used to travel around the galaxy by people from other stars.

This side of UFOlogy holds documents as evidence on the existence of UFOs that were apparently leaked by older people such as Stanton Friedman, Steven Greer, Stephen Bassett and Budd Hopkins.

2. The other group believe about supernatural instead of extra-terrestrial

Members of this group of UFOlogists believe that that UFOs and associated beings are more than just a hardware and laser beam. They believe about angelic and demonic contact. They also believe about fairies and ghosts. Notable people who categorically belong to this group include Carl Jung, Jacques Vallee, Whitey Strieber and Tau Allen Greenfield.

As of now, no one could convince the general public about the existence of UFOs but it seems that many are convinced on the supernatural than extra-terrestrial when it comes to UFO subject as many experience sleep paralysis and leaving their physical bodies, which are scientifically accepted condition that science could not give one unanimous explanation of their causes.

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  1. There are not two types of ufologists… They are two sides of the same whole. Yes there are visitors from other stars and planets in metallic anti-gravity vehicles. But there are also visitors much more advanced than them, perhaps intergalactic, or interdimensional, both I don't know yet but things are changing for the human race right now for sure

  2. In my lifetime I have seen 4 very convincing UFO’s, one very close, I could see the sun reflecting off the hull. Of all the theories I have red, no one has said what I am about to tell you. I am sure that they are creatures from the ID. Generated by a collection of every human’s subconscious mind. You might say ( mind over matter), thank you Morrie,

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