Interesting UFO activity in the sky above Leon, Mexico – February 2014


Submitted by: Ivan
Sighting location: Over León, a city in the Mexican state of Guanajuato
Date: 31-01-14 and 05-02-14

Report: Here I leave two recent UFO that captures:

This is a objerto increases its light and throws light flashes

This is one more, very similar to others that I have fleet, however here is another object flashing before it passed the fleet, maybe the flashes were for them, the amazing thing about these objects is speed, there is no doubt they are birds, they are clear flashes of light, you have to open your mind, not all UFOs are spheres or plates.

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  1. A plane and satellites! <br />Also I think the meaning of some of your sentence was lot in translation . &quot;there is no doubt they are birds&#39; I suppose it should read: there is no doubt that they are NOT birds! .

  2. yes, like the person says in his intro, there&#39;s no doubt that those are birds. but the flashing thing is another story! my mind is open and i know for a fact that not all ufo&#39;s are sphere&#39;s or &quot;plates&quot;.

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