Astronaut Talks About His UFO Sighting During A Spacewalk

Astronaut Leroy Chiao and cosmonaut Salizhan Sharipov did a spacewalk while installing navigation antennas. Chiao was a commander of the International Space Station in 2005 for 6 and a half months. Chiao and Sharipov were 230 miles above Earth, traveling at over 17,000 MPH, when some mysterious lights caught Chiao’s attention.

He said the lights appeared to be in a line, almost like a check mark upside down. He recalled that the lights fly by and this was so strange for him. However, his fellow spacewalker didn’t saw the mysterious line of lights as he was facing the opposite direction.

This experience is one of the highlights in NASA’s Unexplained Files of “Are We Alone,” a television week-long special series of Science Channel starting March 2, 2014.

A humble explanation provided to Chiao’s reported sighting involves a fishing boat in which its bright lights were spotted by Chiao hundreds of miles below him. But many people are not satisfied with the explanation and believe that there are more possible interpretations of what the astronaut observed.

Many are certain that Chiao witnessed an intelligently controlled alien spacecraft. However, Chiao does not think so. He believes that there is no tangible evidence that can justify about the presence of extraterrestrials on Earth in present and in the past but he doesn’t rule the possibility out 100 percent. He said that he is open-minded and believes the existence of other life somewhere in the universe.

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  1. Must have bloody good eyesight if he could see lights on a ship from that height.I tried to photograph ships from a commercial flight and it was less than a dot in the photos, and I had a telephoto lens!!!!<br />So I beleive him that he saw unknown lights far closer then in the sea way,way below.

  2. Did he have anything to gain by making up a story like this,?? personally, I don&#39;t think he would risk his credibility or reputation on returning back to Earth and making up this story, you&#39;ve got to think, &quot;Did he get any further Flights into Space&quot;?? was he warned, if he did, and saw something again, to keep his mouth shut, &quot;If he didn&#39;t, was he considered &quot;a

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