NEW! Ancient Aliens – Aliens and Insects S06E18

Ancient Aliens: Aliens and Insects 
History Channel, Season 6 Episode 18
7th March 2014
Earth is home to 10 quintillion insects. In cultures throughout the world, insects have been honored, feared and even revered as gods. But might these strange creatures that have inhabited Earth for hundreds of millions of years provide a link to extraterrestrial beings? Is it possible the ancient Egyptians encountered alien beings that had an insect-like appearance? Are the scorpion-tailed locust described in the Book of Revelations some type of advanced weaponry wielded by an extraterrestrial being? Might the Ant People that appear in both Greek and Native American mythology really be grey aliens? Is it possible that there is a connection between insects and aliens? Are insects related to beings from beyond our world, as some Ancient Astronaut theorists suggest? And if so, might they have a secret purpose we have yet to discover?

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  1. i went to an insectarium last weekend. i think that giant insect-like creature that comes out of the ufo in Close Encounters Of The Third Kind was fashioned from a giant walking stick i saw on a tree! there are many reports from people who have seen insect-like et's.

  2. If these fellas look like bugs you can bet me and the Mrs. is gonna get out our cans of Raid and put down a perimeter spray around the place with moat and stockade…… we don't need no itches we can't scratch !

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