California UFO In Fox News Interview Video

California has been the place of multiple UFO sightings recently with one of them was caught during an interview video of Fox News.

An interview video with a San Diego surfer was broadcasted by Fox News on February 25, 2014. The video shows an apparent UFO flying in the sky but it appears that no one at the beach noticing the mysterious object.

ufoThere are some people who believe that the video shows a legitimate sighting but others suggest that it is just a helicopter flying by.

Skeptics are surely have a lot to talk about the controversial UFO in the Fox News video but more to talk about with another UFO sighting in Los Angeles.

On February 23, certain Jonathan Castro uploaded a video to YouTube showing what seems to be a morphing orb flying by.

This particular video has not received a lot of views yet to be considered as viral but it has been selected to be featured on UFO Planet in one of its episodes.

What’s more intriguing about the UFO video sighting is that the uploader claims he summoned the mysterious morphing orb by asking the UFO to reveal itself while looking up to a clear blue sky with an open heart.

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  1. We have to asssume that this is not a hoax vid, in which case, this is definitely not a helicopter, nor anything else that we know of which can fly. If you watch not the light, but the area just below the changing lights, a dim line extends down with a small dim light on the end. at about 1.10-1.30. If real, fascinating, if a hoax, pretty well done.

  2. Wow. I can't believe this. You're using this website for partisan politics. There is no UFO in the Fox News video, just Nazi propaganda. Go ahead. Run with this theme. Hope it makes you feel real good, like the righteous Christian you imagine yourself to be.

  3. all this for a freaking seagull passing by.<br />and second video is clearly a silver metallic square balloon! you can even see the string!!<br />i&#39;m a ufo believer, but cmon people.

  4. I must say this guy makes me sad, just a miserable person, plus the object is clearly a mylar balloon, makes me also sad that this website is publishing such idiot videos

  5. It&#39;s a balloon. Plus I had to sit through that IDIOT O&#39;Really. You guys are off your game. Pull it together.

  6. Jonathan Casto is a FRAUD. Everyone PLEASE go to his YouTube page and PUT THIS GUY ON BLAST! I think he&#39;s a covert plant, they seem to have an entire community that just love taking pictures of helium balloons.

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