Florida: Amateur Stargazer Records His UFO Sighting On First Coast

Mysterious lights were recorded across the First Coast, Jacksonville, Florida. Amateur stargazer Darren Goffin has been looking up the sky for past few months. He claims that he has seen more than just stars wherein his first sighting of unusual lights involved a lot of movement and sparkling.

Goffin managed to record unidentified flying objects (UFO). Two bright objects can be seen on his video; one is flashing and then just stops while the other is so bright and continues its movement.

He says that he only told few people about his sighting because of fear to be ridiculed, thinking he is just hallucinating or crazy.

In the last six months, the National UFO Reporting Center has received 23 sighting reports on the First Coast and 12 of those were in Jacksonville.

UNF senior research lecturer of the department of physics, John Anderson, says UFOs could be many things such as aircrafts, shooting stars, meteors, reflections, clouds at a distance that could look like moving very fast, or satellites that pass over. All these things are bright, according to Anderson.

UFO sightings have been reported and recorded in different parts of the world but Anderson believes they’re unlikely extraterrestrial activity.

He explains that the nearest planet so far that considered to be a habitable one is around 22 light years away, meaning it is very far from here to there.

According to Mutual UFO Network, they receives around 70,000 reports every year and 9 out of 10 reported UFO sightings are explainable. However, they also note that only 1 out of 10 sightings are reported. Goffin says he’ll continue to observe the sky.

Goffin adds that he has always been interested in space and believes that there are another life out there and human is not alone. He explains that there are millions of galaxies and it is impossible that only ours has intelligent life.

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  1. hello LUFOS? this video was on here last week already!! stop putting on videos where people are talking about NOT believing in ufos!!

  2. We live in the J'ville area, and do astrophotography quite often, and see them all the time. 90% of humans are constantly going about their day looking in front of them. They are oblivious to what's above them which is why these crafts are hidden in plain sight.

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