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Your UFO reports: 8th March – 15th March 2014
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hwy #9,lake Bowen,Inman ,SC – 03/15/2014, ,Around 9:00pm
I live across street from Lake Bowen,was on front porch around 9pm,Noticed 6 aircrafts with lights that were orange glow on outter and red lights in middle,looked kind of like fireballs. Going up into the sky from top of trees. They were all moving around differently.Flying around in a certain area.They went sideways left and right,stood still in the sky,up and down ,then they all got into a slanted line ,up and down.I went in the house and got my sister to come look.She watched also.She took a phone picture,but it didn’t come out.Some appeared to come closer,then one by one each went away.I dont know what kind of craft they were,have never seen anything like it before,was unusual.

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Zoetermeer, Netherlands – march 10 2014 02;00
This is what i saw while trying to shoot footage for a videoclip. A light appeared that moved strangely. For shure not a plane or satellite then it flew away with high speed heading east. I am/was not very interested in ufo’s but this is strange.

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Warrington, Cheshire UK – March 9th at 4pm
I was taking my son for a walk on Sunday 9th March in Warrington, Cheshire at around 4pm when I noticed the strange black object floating above the houses. at first I thought it was a police helicopter as they are regularly flying overhead but did not have any flashing lights or propeller noises. I began to film with my iphone; The object was stationary for around 2 minutes then began to move north-eastwards very slowly. I quickly discounted the obvious, Plane, helicopter, birds, Lanterns or a runaway blimp!! Although their was very little wind the object wasn’t moving in same direction as clouds or wind.
A car came so I had to stop filming as my son ran out in front of the car. I rang my partner who came out and witnessed the incident, I began filming again as the object started drift North eastwards. It appeared to be a rounded object with a flat back. I then noticed a 2nd ‘white’ object had joined it (cannot make it out on the Video) they moved in tandem and then disappeared in the distance. Neither did any manoeuvres or appeared to be piloted intelligently but nonetheless peaked my interest. Video to follow shortly

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Fernandina Bch, Florida – March 8,2014 6:90 pm
I observed a triangle formed by 3 orange lignts moving south. It was similar to the sighting in El Paso, Tx 2/18/2014. They were moving like they were coasting not in a hurry. They looked as if they could be Chinese lanterns floating; but they were at an altitude that lanterns would not be visible from the ground. I did not find any thing in the paper or on TV. I assume that they could not be of any danger or no one else cares.

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Lesbos, Greece – summer 2013
The picture was taken in Lesvos Anaxos the 13th August 2013 from my mobile phone Nokia X2-00 which has camera 5 mega pixels. It turns out very good photos for mobile but for some reason she has so little blurry. This was taken at 17.21 and I have another 3 Foto free item at 17.20 and 17.22. That if it was some trash sand, dust, etc. and would therein. The weather was summer as far. Also in Anaxos not water sports and the particular day had someone there some petoumeno.

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Stoney Creek, On, Canada – July ? 2013
My sister and her partner were visiting from England we took them to the Devils Punchbowl on the escarpment .I took some pictures of the city of Stoney Creek below and it was not till I downloaded my pictures that I saw this dot on one I enlarged it and to me and others I showed it to it looks like an UFO. I dont know whether I believe it but it just keeps nagging at me to find out what it is.


N Earlestown,Merseyside,England – FRI.jul.27,2012,late pm.
This vid.,show’s two alien lightship’s,hovering,under 3mls.,away,1,NW,1,NE,under 8,000ft.,alt.,looking like large version’s of Venus.This is Olympic open night!Then a fiery,large,orange,sphere,comes SE,800ft.,to N,1,oooft.,alt.,35-40mph.,
silently,and this is a cloaked alien scout craft.Shortly after,I filmed 10 of 11 more seen,going in a different,and changing direction,and during this filming, BRIGHT yellow,and green object,shot down,to near where they were.I also filmed 2 alien craft,2mls.,to S,going low,and slow,over Sankey Valley,and these will be on vid.2,though pic’s.,are on my Google BLOG.See,on,youtube,my channel,Robert Newton,SDV_0032.MP4.,or if censored,try, Robert Newton@astralaeos,o n Twitter,or,Google,Robert Newton ufo,with pic’s.,also.The pic. ,show’s one of lightship’s!19mls.E,of Liverpool.PS.No.2,pic.,is first fiery,sphere!

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Ardmore, Pennsylvania – August 1963 9 pm
While on evening brake I went to a near by open window, looking to my right I noticed blinking lights just above roof tops. The lights were about one city block away,clearly visible aganist night sky.When I first noticed the low flying blinking lights I commented to my self, the object must be hitting roof antenas. It slowly moved toward me, it was now directly in front of me just above the building across the street. The lights appeared be be vertical, multi colored like christmas lights, it gave the appearance of a leaf fluttering.When the object was in front of me the sky was no longer visible. I looked in front, on top, underneath I could not see any other lights. The lights were about ten yards tall by twenty yards long equaly spaced about three feet apart. It made a low pitched droning sound, I watched for fifteen minutes before it was no longer visible.


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  1. My report above,from Olympic open night,has the url,for alien craft,filmed,sun.25mar.2012,and should be,SDV_0032.MP4,,or if censored,go on channel,scroll to url.Or try,Robert Newton@astralaeos,on Twitter,or,Google,Robert Newton ufo,with pic's.,also!19mls.E,of Liverpool.[#148] correction of url!

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