Structures on Mercury Discovered

Do you still remember the face that was discovered on Mars by UFO researcher and author Scott Waring? Just recently, he also discovered faces and structures on Mercury found in NASA photos which he believes another proof that life exists on the planet closest to the sun.

In his blog post, Waring wrote that most people appear to be preoccupied with Mars and forget there are moons and other planets in the solar system that need to be searched. He added that although there may be extra-terrestrial bases under the Mars’ surface, it is dead.

Waring said that the different filters of Mariner 10 space probe’s camera and its ability to take infrared photographs hide the shadows in the photos. He explained that the filters and infrared shots cut through shadows, creating a honeycomb-like structure. These structures are typical to the occupants of planet Mercury that can’t be seen in ordinary photos of it, according to Waring.

He claimed that the structures in Mercury are hiding in the inner sides of at least 7 craters after zooming the photos by 300%. These craters are in darkness because of the planet’s position in relation to the sun.

He has found a black cube on the surface of the red-hot planet. He was totally convinced that it is a structure that shows a shadow. He said they’ve tried to hide it in a crater but because of its massive height, it’s difficult to hide the structure. He added that this structure is portable and made by intelligence considering its shape of being a cube and its position. He said that the cube structure looks like a shadow in a crater to hide it and according to Waring, it is the genius move of the captain of the ship.

Just like on Mars, Waring discovered different ancient-looking faces on Mercury and other planets. But unlike the structures, he is not very confident about the meaning of the faces. He said that faces are not important whether they are faces from the past or faces that intermingle their culture. He believes that every face is not a species. But one face he said keeps on coming up in many Mercury photos and that is a face with a big upper lip. It looks like a Neanderthal with deep chin along with strong nose.

Waring said he had at least 13 years of art in his background so, spotting faces is quite easy for him. He feels excited the possibility of meeting beings from Mercury in the future.

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  1. Just because we say it's so, don't make it so! I'll need a Hell of alot more data and evidence before I buy into something such as this.

  2. Waring is reaching quite a bit. No matter how much I study the photos I have to conclude that these are naturally occurring events in the geologic history of the planet. I can detect no "structures" nor can I absolutely identify any faces.

  3. This guy has got to be kidding me, there is nothing there, every crater has that reflection in the shadow. That cube was not a structure. This is a waste of time.

  4. He tries to sound so knowledgeable, but he doesn't know those lines are where they "stitch" the images together? This guy is a little out there, I saw a lot of "faces" he missed, lol

  5. ok. he is saying that Mercury is RIFE with structures and faces. faces can be seen in anything, noticeably clouds and water. i don't understand the pixeled out lighter areas inside the craters. can't they all just be rock formations inside the crater that stick up higher, so light is reflecting off it? he's saying they're not pixels, but honeycomb shapes. i just don't see this

  6. Am unable to bring up UFO sighting Lisbon Grove City area 3/13/2014 App. 8 to 10 hours age. Also seriously needing to know flight navigation possible direction of travel These Sightings Are near OH. PA. state line. Need the info

  7. Mercury has a real temperate climate for a fella like this over imaginative genius. Day side about 800 degrees f. and night side about 300 below 0 f. So this guy can cook a pizza real quick on the day side or put himself in cryo stasis on the night side. By the way I saw a extra large Pizza next to a crater there that our friend missed.

  8. Closer inspection reveals a tantalizing discovery! A picnic table in a field of red roses. Sitting at the picnic table are a grey from Ceta Retuculi, a inspection from Delta Faucet and a wormpid

  9. I'm sorry…but this is just sad…while appreciate your enthusiasm and diligent study of these photographs…I just can't see what you say you see. face finding is evidence of nothing… no apparent structures…pyramid? really. come on. get off the computer and go outside for some fresh air.

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