The 23rd International UFO Congress Review

The International UFO Congress (IUFOC) has just ended, which was held near Phoenix, AZ. The presentations were delivered flawlessly, very interesting at the same time entertaining. There were dozens of representatives from the press who interviewed a number of speakers and different interesting guests.The 23rd IUFOC gathered around a thousand people, mostly middle aged to senior citizen attendees from different professional fields including scientists, retired engineers and medical doctors. Younger crowd started to come in towards the weekend.

· Dr. Ted Peters talked about spiritual growth experienced by alien abductees despite the initial trauma of abductions.

· Mike Clelland dug deeper the phenomena wherein a memory of an owl seems common to people who had close encounters.

· Richard Hoover discussed the possibility of life outside planet Earth based on the latest findings of extraterrestrial research.

· Robert Schroeder did a lively presentation about the role of modern physics in revealing the UFO technology.

· Jaime Maussan showed a very clear video clips from different international sources showing UFOs doing things you can’t imagine. Do you remember the news when China had to shut down many of their airports in their busiest hours because UFOs parked over the airport terminal or hovered above the flight line? Similar incident happened in the past couple of years. This is supported in a video presented by Maussan.

· Stephen Bassett focused about the decades secrecy of UFO and explained how honest and serious congressional hearings on the topic help reveal the truth. The last hearing about the subject was in 1968 when the Air Force concluded (after investigating for years) that reports on visitors from elsewhere were all natural phenomena, mass hallucinations and crazy people. Recommendation was then issued saying that the topic did not deserve attention and funding from the government. Bassett suggested that it is now time that people and press in America demand the truth by holding Congressional hearings on the subject.


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  1. You forgot to mention the Sasquatch presentation…finally! Why both groups ignore each other, may be part of the problem..they do seem connected.

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