TV News: UFO sightings over South Carolina – March 2014

Local news stations in South Carolina have received many reports of UFO sightings in the last couple years. Orbs, and “orb triangles”, are the most common type of UFO sighting.

One Myrtle Beach business owner who had a close encounter of the third kind is sharing his story with the world. Gary Travis sent a video to WMBF back in 2011, of several strange orbs he spotted off the coast. “I’d never seen anything like it,” Travis said during a 2011 interview with WMBF News, “not in my experience.”

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  1. millions of people worldwide have witnessed different ufo phenomena over countless decades mr travis isnt the first & wont be the last just accept these are other life forms who are probably part of our solar system & been seen since time began there on cave drawings nasca lines our planet is just one massive magnetic field of electrical energy with a network of multi laylines which

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