White Elliptical UFO Captured in Photograph Near Mexico City’s WTC

UFO photo
UFO over Mexico City
A woman took a photo of Mexico City’s world trade center during daylight with a white elliptical UFO near the 670 feet tall building. Sada Yolen took the picture to send it to her friends from other countries and wanted to let her friends know the beautiful landscape at that time. When she was checking her phone, she realized that a UFO was caught along with the trade center building.

The incident was reported by the aunt of Yolen’s boyfriend to major UFO sighting reporting site along with the photo showing the white elliptical UFO in broad daylight. Yolen normally sends pictures to her friend wherever she was.

The photo was taken from the terrace of Yolen’s office. The area is much known for UFO sightings. It was taken on November 29, 2013 but just few weeks ago Yolen noticed the UFO in the picture. The camera being used was Cellular Galaxy Mini GT-19195L at around 2:21PM.

Mexico’s WTC is the third tallest building in Mexico City if the antenna is included in the measurement and fourth when measured without the antenna (191m or 587 ft.). It houses a convention center, multi-screen cinema, parking facilities, luxury restaurants, hotel and shopping center.

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  1. that could easily be just a puff of a small cloud but that doesn't explain the ridge around it. it could have been drawn in, like an artist's rendering.

  2. It's like my o'l pal Pippi Cortez used to say, "If you're gonna look for ufo's it's best when drinking Pulque and Tequila while munching on Habanero peppers…."

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