Cubes-shaped unidentified flying object caught on tape over Los Angeles, California 16-Apr-2014

cube ufoSubmitted by: Robert Bingham
Sighting location: Los Angeles CA
Date: April 16, 2014
Report: UFO Sighting: CUBE Shaped UFO, Los Angeles CA April 2014:
Here are some still shots of a cube shape ufo I shot while at work on April 16, 2014 in Los Angeles CA. The UFO hovered slowly above the roof and appeared to change shape while I photographed it. The object was large and seen by various witnesses at my work. I only had my smaller Canon camera but still managed to get some good shots.Special thanks to Anik Dang and Jim Martin of InfamousFanclub for editing the pictures and presenting the video.

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  1. everytime i look at the clips of the InfamousFanclub I think guys r just joking, frankly this also looks to me just a prank

  2. Ok, so who is the clown who keeps clicking the not alien button all the time? Why? Because you don't want to believe? You cant handle the truth?

    • There, I just clicked it too, now there’s 2 clicks, LOL. You seriously believe this video is real? I’ve got some gold to sell you.

  3. some people posting here look to me a bit as fanatics, or possessed..kinda fundamentalists of sort of a ufo religion..we don't need that, in my view we need serious reliable researchers instead

    • I agree somewhat. It seems a lot of people that comment here can't wait to declare everything they see as the real thing, there's not enough critical and analytic thinking. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a skeptic, I could say with 100% confidence that there is intelligent life beyond Earth, mostly because of personal experience, but just the fact of the immense size of the universe.

  4. This guy is a fraud, every time he so called "summons" these UFO's they look like nothing more than balloons of different shapes, he probably has someone release them at a predetermined time.

  5. QUESTION: Are infamous fanclub and the like, Gov’t Sponsored?

    I only ask because of the INSANE number of congratulatory comments they get.

    In my opinion:

    Infamous Fanclub and Jonathan Castro are known hoaxers. It’s so blatantly obvious that these are helium foil balloons. I feel bad for them because once they actually see a “real UFO”, they’ll know this garabage their posting is completely laughable to those of us who have.

  6. A balloon, just like all the rest of this guy’s supposed UFO’s, with some editing and you have a UFO. Don’t believe anything this guy’s selling, if this was 1850 he would be selling miracle elixirs, LOL

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