NASA show huge UFO on National TV? 2014

NASA UFORemember the STS-75 incident where its satellite tether snapped in 1992 where a 12 mile wide satellite cable snapped and these UFOs appeared out of no-where? This looks Identical to these shaped craft. This video was posted “LIVE” and quickly avoided my media TV as they switched over quickly. What do you think?


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  1. i'm sure those astronauts have seen tons of stuff and are not allowed to report it. if only we could see what they see and know.

    • they said it was dust but alot of scientist said the size of the things was way to big some bigger than the shuttle

  2. Very good! That color is so peculiar for a space ship…but no doubt it's the same shape. It could be some living organism that dwells up there and we have yet to discover.

    • The same shape as what? The objects in the tether incident? Those were an effect of the camera, it's been proven. Having said that, I have no idea as of yet of what this object could be, it certainly does look strange.

    • Agreed, I knew from the beginning that those objects were out of focus, but I didn't know exactly what the effect that caused them to behave the way they did was until I saw the explanation, it all makes sense now.

  3. Sorry to disappoint you people, but, as for the tether incident being debunked, i'm afraid if you believe those mainstream media programs ever even attempted to do a serious scientific analysis of that evidence then you are exactly the kind of audience they were aiming for with their psuedo scientific claptrap, and you are seriously mistaken in claiming that as solid proof of a successful

  4. everybody believes what the mainstream media says lol REALLY what happened to free thought they have you where they want you so you dont question anything just believe what they say everything is fine until its too late sheeple the tether incident did happen it broke off and surrounded by objects in the back ground pulsating showing sum sort energy propulsion system . you need to look at the footage and you will see and draw your own conclusion . its REAL

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