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Your UFO reports: 5th April –  19th April 2014
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Hemet, California – 04/20/2014 8:45p.m.
bright red light flying across the sky that stopped and changed directions then faded out

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SE Lexington, Ky – April 19 2014 11pm – 11:16pm
Something hovered in complete silence for roughly 16 minutes over the area that seemed to be right near the beginning of Military Pike. Flashing Yellow Blue Red and White. Sadly it was at a distance where it looked like a blurry dot. I know enough about Meteorology and Space to conclude this wasn’t a planet, satellite, etc. I have never been so perplexed about something in my life. What the heck.

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Taylors Hill, Victoria, Australia – 17th April 2014, 12.26pm
Just seconds after stepping out into the backyard with my camera I witnessed a Bright UFO hovering overhead near my residence in Taylors Hill, Australia. I filmed the UFO for a number of minutes, the object is not affected by the wind and it is seen coming to a complete stop before changing course north-east.


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Antwerp, Belgium – April 16th 2014
This was filmed in Antwerp, Belgium – No Airplane, No Drone but UFO

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Cape Canaveral, FL – 15th April 2014
A young man got the catch of his life when he recorded a fast moving unidentified flying object (UFO). What is special is the
location! NASA is near by! But what on earth is this craft?
The young man wants to know if it is a UFO? Im here to say! YES.
With military and two NASA installations we believe this to be alien craft which always scout military complexes and nuclear bases.

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Dublin – 14/04/2014
A new video from Dublin showing what appears to be a big UFO in the sky with green and red lighting! This great sighting is worth investigating and Garda im sure have already been updated by the mysterious craft. What on earth could it be? UFO! It resembles one from reports in Russia last year where green and red lighted craft was over a powerplant.

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Sunrise, Fl – April 14 8:50pm
Myself and my two sons observed the blue orb in the north west sky from our position. It moved up and down left and right. It also changed colors from blue to red to green and even purple. We have seen thin orb on more than one occasion, this is just my first time on this sight.It’s very exciting for us.

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Iowa city over Polopony court following me north on 380 to Cedar Rapids and ultimately east of my apartment building on 22nd Avenue SW – 04-07-14 from 9:05 pm to 9:55 pm once home
I saw three ring shaped objects over Polopony Court in Iowa City when I was leaving work. I could see the rings lighted up. One was brighter on and faced me with a center light brighter. It was the brightest and lowest. It was descending and becoming brighter as I walked and then raced to my car. I traveled west on Hwy 6 going toward the Interstate 380 north entrance and continued to see three rings, studying them at each stop light and fearful that I might be distracted and have an accident. One was lower and brighter with greater detail than the other two, but they moved somewhat together. I saw only one minutes later when initially on 380, but eventually saw two, the brighter and lower one behind me and the second to my left and in front of me, appearing higher and going in and out of the clouds. When I finally got to Cedar Rapids, I thought they would both rise and vanish. As I got closer to my apartment building, I could Still see two that were higher in the sky. Then when I parked my car outside my apt. building, a bright red ring shaped object was hovering low and east of my apartment building, and I sat inside my car and looked right at it. I was talking to my co-worker on the phone because I was frightened, but she pooh-poohs UFOs even though I have previously pointed out the moving lights in the sky. Nevertheless, she stayed on the phone with me until I was inside my apartment. The red lighted one was above a hill with few or no houses (I have not lived here long). I can’t take pictures with my phone.

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Colorado Springs – 4/1/2014
This was above my house the other night
Video link:

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Warrington, Cheshire, UK – Sunday 9th March 2014 at 4pm
Strange object spotted over the Town on Sunday 9th March 2014 at 4pm, wasn’t Birds, planes or any kind of regular shaped manned/unmanned balloon to my best knowledge, videos were taken on my iphone so bit jumpy as was trying to keep my son from running in the road. My partner witnessed these also.
I was taking my son for a walk on Sunday 9th March in Warrington, Cheshire at around 4pm when I noticed the strange black object floating above the houses. at first I thought it was a police helicopter as they are regularly flying overhead but did not have any flashing lights or propeller noises. I began to film with my iphone; The object was stationary for around 2 minutes then began to move north-eastwards very slowly. I quickly discounted the obvious, Plane, helicopter, birds, Lanterns or a runaway blimp!! Although their was very little wind the object wasn’t moving in same direction as clouds or wind.
A car came so I had to stop filming as my son ran out in front of the car. I rang my partner who came out and witnessed the incident, I began filming again as the object started drift North eastwards. It appeared to be a rounded object with a flat back. I then noticed a 2nd ‘white’ object had joined it (cannot make it out on the Video) they moved in tandem and then disappeared in the distance. Neither did any manoeuvres or appeared to be piloted intelligently but nonetheless peaked my interest.

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Salto Monday, Alto Parana, Paraguay – 12‎ de ‎febrero‎ de ‎2014, ‏‎17:53
performed a holiday trip to a tourist place in the area of Alto Parana department has, in Paraguay, a place called Salto Monday.
I was watching the security system that was in a place where people upload to jump a few wires hanging rappel steel. on that, I see something shining intensely. a strong flash, as the flash of a camera. but it was only a moment. I lost it for a moment until I fixed my gaze and I found it back.
pedi my camcorder a sony xr-150, my wife, while looking at the space where the event occurred.
after a moment, succeed in making 2 videos. addition, an analysis of both videos where I could find even more striking objects that I’ve been doing the filming.
sending them all 2 videos, is the 1st and 2nd 00089.MTS the 00090.MTS.
the analysis of both videos did very way home, with very limited knowledge of sony vegas, but something went. what subi a youtube already and here it is:

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Rustenburgm, South Africa- 29 September 2013 17:00hours
On 29 September 2013 17:00hours in Rustenburg RSA me and my husband was driving. As we were driving I prayed as 30Sep is my birthday. I prayed to God asking, God please my life is hell please God let this year from my birthday be better. I said to God if I may ask can you please send me an sign that this year will be better. I said Amen. The next moment my husband that was driving down the hill (near the mall saw a light on his right side.) When I saw it, it was a light I have never seen in my entire life. Around the light was a ball of cloud it was massive. I phoned my sister in law that we stay with,( on a plot) to go look outside. She said it was over the water, by Olifants nek dam. Me and my husband parked in the mall parking. We saw it move right then left then it just vanished. I did take photos but with my phone but I have a photo from the internet who also took a photo. Ill attach mine and the one I got on the internet. The strange thing is if you google: 28 September 2013 from 26-29 September strange lights you will see a lot of lights appearing over the world. And the only thing these lights hold in common is that they all appear above water. Is these lights from the water and why is the government stating that on 29 Sep it was fuel dumped that burned. Was fuel then dumped in other countries also and how can 3 rows of light in 3 rows hovering underneath each other at another place be fuel!!!. A week after my sighting I again stood outside on the plot and again prayed! I asked God if I can just see some light again? I did not even say Amen and a light (like a ball of fire shot over my head at a massive speed not so high up in the sky. It went over the mountain and I could see light on top of the mountain. If you look at the mountain with binoculars it has a fence on the mountain. Why when I pray do I see these lights? is it God or what is it, I have been wondering since then. I had weird spiritual experiences if you want to know just ask me because its been proven by God that send me something(with a vivid dream an object and word from God in the Bible) . People think I’m crazy when I tell them but I’m now reluctant to talk unless people ask me and believe me. I will also go for lie detector test to prove this. I have actual proof at home but want to keep it because it means too much to me to let it go. I’m currently trying to find the deeper meaning of this object and it comes back to the Emerald tablet. The stone of God that represent judgment. This is shocking and soon if you do believe and see God not merely as the God that you were brought up to believe as A God but as a extraterrestrial being like in Ezekiel that are moving things to a point that will be soon. When I was 16 I saw a space ship in Cape town melkbosstrand and this is not something I like to talk about. People think your loco! I was brought up Christian and very strict not to believe in these things. But if you saw it how can you deny it? Through out my life I had weird cuts over my body that I could not explain? 3 days later it was gone. I actually googled this and it happens to many people. On this place where I live I had one on my back unreachable! What is going on is it connected to God or oh I’m so confused with my experiences since I was a child. I knew how a alien looked like since I was 6 before I even heard of them! I think I said too much. If you have awnsers I would appreciate it. I’m not lying or pulling your chain I’m honest and if you don’t believe me delete my email. I will keep on digging until I get my awnsers. I know something is strange going on that I’m experiencing these things since I was a child. Its somehow connected to me. As I have some abilities that I did exercise but refuse to any more, because of my strong belief. I use to be a Medium if I liked it or not. I’m not scared of spirits or houses that is haunted and lived in a house where stuff moved and made undeniable noises. I was actually thrown with a cross once on my back about 3-4 feet away after I summoned the ?? Spirit into a room to remain there and as I wedged the cross in the door instead of falling to the ground it was thrown on my back. I turned around and said enough now!. I do still see spirits but I block it out. I refuse to communicate and I refuse to give them resolution. Lights used to flicker a lot when I entered a room as well as street lights. Even my husband experience the street light experience as if it rubbed off on him. We are both Christians and don’t drink at all! So there is no way that I’m imagining it on a drinking spree. I don’t want to be judged or thought of as crazy. I’m seeking awnsers and I don’t really think people can give it to me. As we all are just puzzled on experiences of this kind.



North Carolina – 2013
Hello, I have seen so many UFOs within a few years,my children have seen them as well wih me. My sister sent me a pic of her relaxing on the beach and I happened to run across the object I The air. I have seen so many it’s habit for me to always look up so I wasn’t trying to look for it,but it was there. Hope thiese pictures help.


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  1. aletia; you sound like a strong person who tells her story well. it doesn't matter if people don't believe you or think you're loco. all that matters is that you believe it, because you have experienced it for yourself. your long letter sounds like you are crying for help. i think you may be an abduction victim. there are many books to read on this subject. god bless you and keep you

  2. Janet you are 100% spot on. I was fully not into any ET stuff what so ever! After seeing my own sighting I'm now anti government and everything I thought I knew I didnt. After studying UFOLOGY for a long time, I'm more aware than ever that we are a special race and we are in contact on a daily basis. I believe the stories of alien abduction but not the other 99%. If you saw one and it

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