Poll #56: Do you believe the Phil Schneider’s story that he was working in underground base in Dulce, NM?

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Poll #56: Do you believe the Phil Schneider’s story that he was working in underground base in Dulce, NM? [read more]

Start Date: Thursday, May 1, 2014
End Date: Saturday, May 31, 2014


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Poll #55: Do you believe the official story of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

Yes, the aircraft had gone down in the southern Indian Ocean: 20%
No, this is a government cover-up: 80%

Start Date: Tuesday, April 1, 2014
End Date: Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Total voters: 1094

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  1. I believe in Mr Schneider and also that there was in "FACT" a cover up to do with that missing airliner. We are all not stupid! Radar cannot be turned off! radar actually has nothing to do with an aircraft and more to do with ground and sky shooting microwave sound both up and down on the atmosphere which bounces of an object and comes back! 60ft airliner cannot dissapear at 30k ft

    • you, i like. you, should make more comments here. so you are saying between the lines it is your belief that it was shot down by a missile?

  2. Sounds like the 911 tower cover up again…a hand full of towel heads didn't bring down the WTC towers nor did two trained pilots lose the aircraft!

  3. Yes, because he was murdered. He was an Engineer, for God&#39;s sake! He had a wife. Why would you put in jeopardy a career and family. He came out of the blue one day with his chest opened in half and no other explanation is given? Who has the need to make up stories like this? Only professional writers. And he was not one. <br /><br />By the way, thank you for sharing the Hangar One UFO

  4. April has only 30 days. How come that the poll about the Malaysian Airlines flight 370 ended April 31?????

  5. You fellas got&#39;s to know o&#39;l fred always says Dulce is a sweet place…. you can catch more vermin with (Sugar) than Salt…..

  6. i think plane was never flown it was hijacked along with passengers put in some hanger passengers might be used for hostage relaeses in the known world also as someone sed might be used as a weapon on some rich oil based companies office ? the dulce base thing doesnt seem true to me bizarre to say the least keep an open mind on all things ?

  7. Malaysia: corruption and incompetence. No wonder the army took his time to reveal they had seen an echo of the plane,but did not react. No need for any aliens for this…

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