Schneider’s Account On Underground Battle Between Military and Aliens

Phil Schneider was claiming as one of the chosen few task to help build secret U.S. government’s underground bases in Dulce, N.M. in 1979. Schneider, who claimed he was an expert in explosives, made an even louder explosion when he told an amazing story in 1995 about his encounter with extraterrestrials living underground.

Schneider said that his alien encounter was fatal and he was one of three survivors after engaging war with aliens in August 1979, but he was the only person who talked in detail about this encounter with a high level security clearance. Schneider said that the government has knowledge about alien beings.

Schneider was very vocal about government secret on aliens, which takes away the right of every citizen to know the truth. He was giving many talks on his experiences for two years before he died in 1997. Schneider claimed that his life was threatened many times after he started talking about what he knew. His death has been ruled a suicide but his supporters suspect he was murdered to prevent him from further talking about government secrets involving extraterrestrials.

Schneider Account On Alien Base and Battle

Schneider started to become suspicious about the underground base when he noticed so many Special Forces Green Berets around the area. As the team members started the construction, they drilled four large holes. Schneider thought the drilling was a standard procedure but he noticed a black sooty air came up as they drilled holes. He went underground to check the area and suddenly found a 7-foot-tall grey alien just feet away.

The alien made a circular motion of its hand in front of Schneider’s chest and next thing he knew, a blue beam hit him and literally opened up him up like a fish. During his lecture at the Preparedness Expo in 1995, he showed his hand, fingers and chest that were burnt by the beam. He also revealed that his shoes and toenails were also burnt.

Schneider revealed that he saw other aliens with the same physical feature as the one that burned his chest and other parts of his body. He shot two of them, was saved by a Green Beret but also died in the process of saving him. The Green Beret got Schneider into a lift and pushed the button up above the ground.

Schneider revealed that more than 60 people died that day and the other two survivors are living in nursing homes in Canada and heavily guarded by the Canadian government. He further disclosed that there’s a war down under and it continues since that time. He is referring to 1,477 underground bases all over the world in which 129 of them were built in the U.S. with estimated cost of $17 billion or more each. He said that the Black Budget has been secretly financed by 25% percent of the gross national product. This spending was hidden to some government agencies in the U.S. and to the public.

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  1. Schneider died in January 96, not 97. <br />Also, nothing he ever said was confirmed as truth so it wouldn&#39;t be wise to simply say he &#39;revealed&#39; these things. Maybe &#39;claimed&#39; would be a better word.

  2. also-he died a yr AFTER his last media event.It WAS NOT suicide.His wife knew that.It is a pity that so many people do not/will not open their eyes.also-there is a BIG reason why it was not confirmed!So MANY whistle-blowers uh-have seemed to disappear,or met with a tragic end,over the last 50yrs.

  3. To my knowledge he never produced medical records which could/would have added considerable support to his allegations.

  4. Generally vermin like dark places under cover. Then in the dark of night they come out if the light finds them they scurry back to their hole.

  5. the entry point up until jan 2014 on google maps was &quot;<br />37.018171, -106.955542&quot; but has since changed, zooming in the whole area has changed greatly, a good portion of the trees have been cut down through out the area.<br /><br />another fun location that i have been watching grow over the last 4 years is &quot;39.879119, -118.397298&quot; middle of no where neveda, i found it

  6. What struck me in watching some of his video presentations was that the production quality of the vids was not exactly high quality. Also, if you had any suspicions that he might have been a &#39;&quot;snake oil salesman&quot; con artist, he had about as much charisma at a podium as a lump of coal. He didn&#39;t have that con artist slick personality about him. He exhibited more of an average

  7. i ask myself how hard it would be to contrive a false story and try to live by it every day . of course i can never truly know, but i believe he was telling the truth.

  8. Even if only 20% of what Schneider said was true, that’s an alarming revelation. In any case, it evidently cost him his life, and those who automatically and casually say that he is lying, do not impress me in the slightest. Instead of explaining the uninvestigated, try spending some time investigating the unexplained, rather than shooting your mouth off.

  9. I’m still trying to work out his bad writing. He says his meeting with an alien was fatal? Doesn’t that mean it killed him? So is it really him?
    Did they take over his body to be able to give out dis information? OOOH I’ve got goose bumps!

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