Triangle UFO Photographed in Wichita, Kansas – February 2014

triangle UFO
Just few months ago amateur photographer Jeff Templin snapped a picture of what could have been a triangular space UFO while snapping photos of wildlife in Wichita, Kan. The photo, which has been making rounds in the internet, shows something unusual streaking across the sky. After careful examination and consideration, he still not entirely sure about the strange object’s identity.

Many theories have been given about the aerial object in the photo ranging from secret military jet to alien UFO. Until today, one thing is certain; the photo shows a strange triangle-shaped aerial object with two exhaust nozzles.

In an interview with KSN-TV, Templin said that the object can be seen by anyone at that time. He explained that the speed of the object was very fast, faster than military or civilian aircraft. He noted that despite such severe departure with contrails, he heard no sound at all coming from the mysterious aerial object. When observing the movement, he noticed several S-shaped turns made by the UFO.

The news station sought advice from aviation experts, who said it could theoretically be a B-2 Bomber but they could not confirm totally its identity. has given another theory. They said that the picture does not show a B-2 Spirit but they can’t be totally sure. They explained even with the distorted image, perhaps because of distance, reflection or some other factors, it doesn’t look like a B-2 Spirit, according to the website.

People, who believe that the unusual aerial object is a new black project, said that it could be an RQ-180 stealth drone or the next long range strike bomber of the U.S.


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  1. i was just thinking it was a bomber, but the man said there was no sound. are those jets silent high above us? and why an "s" pattern? that's weird.

  2. Definitely man made, it had contrails, therefore it burns fuel, the reason he couldn't hear it is that it was probably just too high up, if he listened about 30 seconds later he may have heard a low rumble as the sound reached him. Did you see the lens he had? That thing could have been almost 100,000 feet up there and he would have been able to photograph it.

  3. Conventional aircraft. Many now are quiet some are virtually silent that's one reason they're termed stealth. The s turns may be an indicator of drinking on the job…..

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