1. after being abducted they stay in close touch with you, they visit you at different times in your life. implants are refreshed at some points in time. some times the "implant" works its way out. they have changed our dna and continue to do so. some are made stronger & smarter in different ways. they don't seem to want to hurt us but that is up in the air. some in the government

    • Wonder if them fellas got a hold of o'l fred and turned him into a sexual tyrannosaurus….and dancing machine ?

  2. I was inyerested in this video as it well presented and professionally done. It didn't seem to hawk any new-age books until towards the end. All of Karla Turner's books started to slowly be introduced and then video's of her Psycho babble took up a lot of the video. I always start to get apathetic against any opinion when it comes from ONE source like Steven Greer. He is a BS

  3. Wow… I was surprised to hear so much bashing, with only a few references ( cough cough ) mainly one. Heh.. It reminds me of church… Calling other theory's offensive, leaving out so much, and selecting particulate's to scrutinize.. I do agree that many things/people have or have had agenda's and this video seems like one of them. I try to keep and open mind but…. I do not

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