Understanding Triangular UFOs Since 19th Century

triangle ufo
New York State: Triangle UFO sightings by Year // click to enlarge
 Many people believe that aerospace engineering has been producing triangle UFOs but it was in 1890 the first triangle UFO was first recorded in the Dutch East Indies. Then in 1894 a flying triangular object was reported in England. These two notable events were featured in the popular book The Book of the Damned [Amazon link], by Charles Fort, published in 1919.

With deep research about triangular UFOs however, they can be traced back as early as 1882 wherein astronomers reportedly observed two large triangular shaped objects near the moon. This event was reported in Scientific American Vol 46 April 1882. It was described that the objects had rendezvoused before they disappeared.

In the past 20 years or so, reports about triangular UFOs have been all over the media. There have been various television shows featuring cases of triangular UFO sightings from numerous parts of the U.S. and Europe. This kind of UFO has been usually reported to be similar to the size of a football field, about two stories thick, and boxy.

Majority of the reporting witnesses said triangular UFOs often have three bright orbs on the underside and three big bright ports on the rear wall. There were others who observed other light configurations. Most reports of these objects said that they were flying without sound, although there were few witnesses claimed to have heard a throbbing hum sound.

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  3. Interesting points, James Mason, but given the present state of human knowledge, is gold, which has value on Earth mainly as a so-called secure alternate currency when it is not used for the manufacture of jewelry, really practically useful for anything on a large industrial or technological scale, as, for example, diamonds are? It seems hard to believe that aliens would have similar aesthetic

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