VIDEO: Triangle UFO hovering above Newark, Ohio 3-Apr-2014

triangle ufo
Triangular-shaped craft was recorded hovering in the night sky above Newark, a city in and the county seat of Licking County, Ohio. This was seen and filmed on Thursday, 3rd April 2014.

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  1. This looks like it could be the real deal but it's hard to tell without a frame of reference. Next time, pan down to give us a view of the horizon…

  2. Thanks for the fake junk you just posted. Thanks for the insult by thinking we would believe this. I do believe a lot of triangle formations are legit. YOU however give us a 1 minute video with you wispering "wow". NO reference to its size or distance, NO authentic reaction to what would be a life changing event in front of your eyes and NO effort to even fake it good enough for a 3

  3. Aircraft is possible . A lot of military helicopters in area. But My son and a friend last year saw a ufo west of Newark between Granville and Johnstown n/o 161 rising up from a tree grove and sped off doing a few 90 degree turns and going back and fourth.And since wre into military aircraft former police and military id have to give into the possibility somethings going on out here.

  4. i think its authentic craft might be us military or alien always a ? mark regarding these triangular crafts i.ll keep an open mind on this video .

  5. at 9:45pm 8/8/14 on state route 20 between 301 and grafton rd in lorain county I seen 3 sets of 3 in a triangle shape. wow. notified the sheriff dept. and was told I wasn’t the only one

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