High Number of UFO Sightings Associated To Age Of Apocalypse

Canada’s increased UFO sightings, totaling to 1,180 last year, is said to be what Claude Vorilhon also known as Rael, has been telling. Many interpreted the increase in UFO sightings in the country as a message from above and that human are living in the age of the Apocalypse.

Cloude Vorilhon UFO
Claude Vorilhon

According to the results of a UFO survey in Canada conducted by the Ufology Research of Manitoba, UFO sightings in 2013 was the second highest number in Canada. The year 2012 had the highest number, reaching to 2,000 reports but many thought that it was due to the Mayan Calendar scare.

Raelian Clai Futura who claims she encountered a UFO that hit her in the forehead says they’re coming. While Ufology Research of Manitoba spokesperson Chris Rutkowski says that the downturn of the economy contributed to the rise in numbers, he points out that Rael knows better.

Rutkowski says that the sightings are a way for higher beings to transmit messages and that the increased sightings means increased public awareness. Rutkowski is hoping this awareness could make their presence not a subject of stupid adoration anymore but trigger a deep desire of the people to make contact with them.

Twenty-seven years old Futura has been a member since she went topless to join a call for women’s freedom to go topless.

According to the Raelism belief, Buddha and Jesus are mere prophets, such as angels and gods, appointed by Elohim to spread other beliefs to humans. Elohim is believed by members of Raelism as species of extraterrestrial scientists.

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  1. Society is currently rapt with topics such as health, crisis, war, hunger, that increasingly they are mostly spread in the media, which generates all we distracted our interest to know and then forget those requests. On the contrary, today the alien theme is even being considered as a hashtag, where community who have interest in it, are the ones that are part of the search for information in

  2. <br />This is a clear example that met what the Master Jesus taught us, relating to that man would not understand heavenly things, when what he said so has been written in John 3:12, the letter says:…And Jesus said: If what I told them, that are earthly things, do not believe, how will believe if I speak of the things celestial (Extraterrenas)… John 5:38:…And Jesus said: do not believe in

    • Do a search of the word &quot;evil&quot; in the New Testament. Jesus warned us and warned us. Just because something flies around in the heavens….doesn&#39;t make them good.

  3. it&#39;s too hard to possibly make a comment on Raelian beliefs from this tiny article on their views. i would have to peruse it for awhile. but that sentence that says a woman went topless to be topless makes no sense at all!

  4. You know these people are a little light in the brain, if they wanted to tell us something…it would not come in hints. Brings less credit to a real life happening.

  5. What a wonderful world. Now, should I add more layers of aluminum foil to my anti radio wave hat? I have noticed more activity on my frequency. Can&#39;t tell if they&#39;re +/- xmit.

  6. O&#39;l fred likes that old tune.. long tall sally she&#39;s sweet she&#39;s got evything evy man needs… oh baby gonna have me some fun.. gonna have me some fun tonight…

  7. Jesus spoke (Luke 21:11)<br />And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven. <br /><br />(Luke 21:25)<br /> And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; <br /><br />The Bible also says that

  8. These beings the Raeilans call elohim are none other than the archons spoke of by the ancient gnostics. Deception ahead! a lot of uninformed people will fall.

  9. You fellas gots to know them raeilans and Elohim is a bunch a slack jaws and floor flushers just like my brother in law….. we been trying to straighten that fella out since o&#39;l fred was knee high to a grasshopper…..and we still ain&#39;t had a bit a luck…. cause he turned hunch back…….

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