World Bank Official Says Aliens Have Been Controlling Money and Religion

The UFO community has long been waiting for more officials to come forward, and share about UFOs and alien contact. For the very long time, they have been making former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer a straw that they have been sipping. Now, a new whistle blower could replace him in the name of Karen Hudes, who was one time World Bank councilor.

Hudes said that money and religion have been controlled by second species on Earth. In an interview, Hudes believes that different countries in the world are not monolithic and there are two forces in this world. There are forces who are against the corruption and the other forces have been totally co-opted in which they can be treasonous to the people in those countries the way they act, she revealed.

She further revealed that Jesuits are the group that is behind the network of control and there are also various groups that supported them. She continued saying that one of these groups are hominids. Hudes said that these hominids are not human beings. As described by Hudes, they are very smart but not creative, instead, they are mathematical.

Hominids were much stronger in force during the earlier ice-age, Hudes said. She went to described them as aliens who have elongated skulls with the ability to produce offspring in mating with female human beings. However, Hudes said that their offspring is not fertile. Human beings are surrounded by secret societies and the information that should be public is not public, according to Hudes.

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  1. Based on this sketchy piece, I am far from being convinced it's even remotely true. There needs to be more solid proof, a smoking gun per-say, until then we can only speculate. In a world where we don't trust any version of history presented to us by so called historians because we have found truth and trust are not what we believed it to be, anywhere…

  2. Now this actually makes sense. You don't need phasers and mass mother ships to deploy against a target. No person on earth would ever suspect this. Many would/will never believe it. Is the truth stranger than fiction?

  3. I am normally quite tolerant, but the guy who supplanted Christ's head on an orthodox icon with an alien's head, shows a magnificent bout of bad or foul taste. Shame!

  4. Crime is MOTIVE;Motive resides in the heart and soul of a being.ANY being.The brain of a being ;pre-programed or not,allows the goal of evil intent to be pursued until gratification is achieved;the goal being accomplished.DESIRE RULES WORLDS.PERHAPS THE CREATOR KNOWS ALL ABOUT THIS.

  5. More info needed!!!! <br />Mind you somebody other than I, is in control of my money as it disappears rapidly between Paydays. It&#39;s got to be Magic and invisible Aliens!!

  6. Karen is nothing more then a puppet who is doing as she is told. This isnt disclosure but a means to further manipulate people. They know how to control us always have. Preying on the alien cummunity is the next step

  7. KH is a disinfo nutcase ever take the time to read her legal deposition, no wonder she got the boot out of the world bank. Go to youtube watch a few of her video&#39;s jump a couple years at a time her stories are all over the conspiracy map.

  8. You know o&#39;l fred ain&#39;t the smartest fella in town, but o&#39;l fred do know the difference between straight talk and folks who speak to me with forked tongue… like my pal Two dog used to say.

  9. Well my wife had her credit card stolen the other day, but I didn’t report it. because whoever stole it is spending less than her!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Anyone at all mnd-boggled by Ms. Hudes’ “revelations” would do well to read an article about her in “The Interpreter”, available on the Internet, as well as take acquire lol at her in YouTube. I guarantee you’ll come out wondering who let her out of the psych ward, or why she stopped taking her meds.

  11. This woman is trying to take your attention away from the all-too human banksters who manipulate markets and people. Nice try.

    All this story does is benefit the real people who are guilty.

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