UFO activity in the sky above Oregon 20-May-2014

UFO videos

UFO videos – New footage of an unusual bright object hovering in the night sky above Oregon. This was taken on 20th May 2014.

Witness report: After months of little activity an interesting object returns over Oregon skies. An impression or premonition came over my senses even to the point of starting the camcorder early on.

Author (whotookmymojo @ youtube)

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    • Would like to know what you think is flying up there, that was man made. We tend to equip our flying machines with regularly pulsing lights. These were very irregular.

    • in your film we see regularly flashing light(s). to your eyes perhaps something different. and please sir, take your name off the film and make it see through or put it on the very bottom.

  1. People you are all a bunch of wackos to think this is the only life form on this planet. Truth be told I myself know there real do to well I seen won up close dry rough skin. But of course nobody would believe lol. Which is fine by me I just know when they show up one day I know why and what to do.

  2. Why call people wackos because they don&#39;t share your views? Be polite, everyone is entitled to their opinion. And I for one would not say you were lying or were mistaken, as I was not there.Maybe some day we will all know the Truth.<br />Have a great day.

  3. Flashing lights may possibly mean man made, but usually, our flashing lights are regular pulses and do not move around. These odd shapes whch we see, do not conform to the norm. another thing which is peculiar is the consistency of the lights which appear to be fully ablaze, even when the crafts seem to be flying horizontally. When flying away, they do get smaller over a distance, but when

    • I would consider myself a believer, not a skeptic, however I am skeptical about some of the videos on here. How can we come to any absolute opinion of what this is? All I see are different colored lights with one or two flashing, it looks like they are attached to a craft of some sort, but since we can&#39;t see the craft, how are we supposed to say one way or another that this is alien? Like

    • I&#39;ve had 3 sightings in my life. 2 at high altitude, 1 just above some power lines, so you could say close. I&#39;ve seen military grade remote control aircraft and military grade manned gliders &amp; ultralites. My point being there are many types of manned and remote aircraft out there now operating at the government level. Recently, I saw an advertisement on the net for a private

    • totally agree wt u joeboken, this guy is plenty of imagination, and very creative and talented in building up funny objects and make &#39;em fly around

    • I believe he meant wool for sure that was funny..by the way janet, d&#39;u know the &quot;making of a ufo &quot; by Aristomenis &quot;Meni&quot; Tsirbas ? enlightening stuff..and the Morristown UFO Hoax ? plenty of stuff like that..I guess we should quit looking at video shot at night…

    • Gio: no i don&#39;t know those two stories, thank you for telling me i will look them up. i could look at ufo video shots all night if i didn&#39;t require sleep!

    • the simplicity of mimicry works. ET is highly intelligent and will try to blend in as the visit to the location continues. Blending in means others will not notice as easily.

  4. Thanks to whotookmymojo for another great video. I have no idea what we are witnessing here. I thought that previous videos by this author were government craft, but this one is very odd. It&#39;s lit up like a Christmas tree. Just because there is a strobe does not prove it&#39;s man made. Our ET visitors have been known to mimic aircraft.

  5. There is something odd about the way this and past video&#39;s of his look distorted. Like he&#39;s filming through a layer of Plexiglas to give the illusion of something alien.

  6. Did anyone listened when he said it was two month since he didn&#39;t witnessed a UFO. So for two month he watched and nothing to film. And one more point for those who asked why didn&#39;t anyone else took or post videos, well not everyone cares.

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