100 Century old rock portrait of Aliens and UFOs found in Chhattisgarh, India


Long before the ancient Sumerians invented the first known form of writing to foretell their remarkable tales about the cosmos and extraterrestrial beings some 5 500 years ago, the early humans of Chhattisgarh, India have already been depicting their own alien and UFO encounters inside the walls of their caves.

The lavishing cultural heritage of Chhattisgarh is found in the center of India. The place is a tourist magnet for its archeological sites, ancient temples, magnificent waterfalls, caves and prehistoric rock paintings which date some 10 000 years back.

india-aliens-2These infamous cave paintings confused the experts of Charama Kanker district in Chhattisgarh because some of the carved images seen under caves in the village of Chandeli and Gotitola closely resemble of how a modern alien and UFO figures look like. This is what makes the cave paintings and carvings very mystifying to peoples’s eyes. The figures do not show a clear picture of the nose and the mouth of the alien figure and in some images they appear to be wearing a space-like suit. Archeologist JR Bhagat believes that this depiction by early humans of alien images into their prehistoric carvings suggests that extraterrestrial beings might have been visiting them, or the pre-historic people of Chhattisgarh had a very wild imagination. The figures also seemed to be holding a weapon-like spear in some of the images. The rock-paintings also has a three legged aircraft-like object that look very close to how we describe modern UFOs. Meanwhile, Chhattisgarh Department of Archeology seeks the help of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Indian Space Research Organization for an extensive study of the alien carvings and understand the images in an expert viewpoint.

Some of the villagers have found a spiritual connection with the 10 000-year-old rock paintings and some even worshiped and offered prayers to it. Other residences tell stories from their ancestors of the “Rohela people” which means the “small-sized ones.” These beings visit the people Chhattisgarh through a round shaped flying vessel, and they take with them one or two people from the village who will never come back again. The Chandeli and Gotitola people believe that the cave paintings are the depiction of the Rohela people who have kept watch of their ancestors from the stars in the past.

The cave-paintings are made from natural pigments that have stayed unfading and have survived for thousands of years. There are so much more strange cave paintings around the world depicting unknown entities, and they are all worthy to be checked and studied by the hands of experts and hopefully come-up with a substantive explanation for the real stories behind the ancient’s magnificent piece of art.

Until today questions, still remain about how these 100-century old rock-paintings have a very sharp resemblance to modern alien and UFO images. The images and figures carved on the walls of Chhattisgarh’s caves clearly portray that something not of this earth is paying a visit to our planet.


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  1. If theses paintings are real, then they certainly look like what we have come to believe are aliens. How very interesting.Hope we find out more about them.

  2. These drawings are so detailed it leaves little doubt that the figures are exactly like the Greys that are described today. But are they real or is this a hoax?

  3. I love this site, why do all of the comments I read? are so bad about you all always on your case with the crack pots and etc.. you all do the best you can I say keep up the good work do the best you can and some of us will support you all Bill

  4. once again some stupid comments below so before u make your own Comments on this matter do some hard study on this topic because these paintings on caves etc. have been around forever and have been put there by ancient cultures and all depicting the same things and lived miles and miles apart from one another surrounded by water and never did meet each other and all had the same stories to tell . so they all CANT BE WRONG

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