Amazing spheres with strange beings inside


Interesting video about a strange recordings of some kind of a spheres of UFOs with some kind of an alien beings inside.

Two of these cases have happened in Russia and one in Brazil

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  1. Bom dia! Há algum tempo venho tirando fotos de orbes de luz, que não são vistos a olho nú, mas que aparecem claramente nas máquinas fotográficas. Esta semana foi filmado em Curitiba uma grande quantidade de orbes de luz, mas davam para serem vistos a olho nú, em plena luz do dia, gostaria de saber se são os mesmos orbes.

  2. Sorry, I believe aliens exist but this is too explainable. Seems more like a light trick, like in two of them it looks like someone is shining a flashlight from behind three people creating shadows that appear to be as they are. I have seen a video that looked like aliens in a craft that seemed very legit, the guy was standing outside recording the object in the air and he zoomed in and that’s when you seen the creatures inside the craft moving in a very fast yet out of this world fashion like they were moving fast but it didn’t seem like the video was sped up because of the movement of the object in the air. These videos here just don’t seem credible at all.

  3. Yes. this is true. I have seen it. The strange orb with something in it. In 1967 my child was an infant ,it was very late at night. my sons crib was beside my bed, we had been asleep for some time I awoke to see an orb above my sons head some four feet. it shocked me I layed there looking at this thing. When I believe it noticed I was watching it, there was something in it that turned from the inside of the orb and looked down at me, it seemed to recognize that I seen it and out the opened but screened window it went very fast. I pressed the left side of my face to the screen and was trying to see what and where it went. It was gone. In a day or two, where I had pressed my left side of my face on the screen
    the skin on my ear was all peeling off. and then in a few weeks I had a straw like hair grow from my left upper arm not just a wirery hair but real straw. and yes there was another witness when it was above the crib. because My sister and me shared a room. I called to her and she got a fast glimpse of it when it left. What I want to know is how did it go straight through the screen? I have always had these strange beings around me Im 65 now My last encounter was with another person in 2005 it was an orb aswell .Since I have had witnesses I know Im not crazy. Wish I had the right person to tell these thing to before I die. I have also been on a craft with a beautiful man and a half breed woman that brought out from a sliding door at least twelve little strange looking children. these people don’t talk they know what you are thinking. I felt they were surprised that I knew what they were thinking.

  4. +Susan morrison i would love to hear your story. Please come by my google+ community and share your story with us. Its called
    “Lets talk about UFOs” google+

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