Unidentified flying object caught on tape near Area 51 – July 2014

area 51 ufo

This UFO sighting was allegedly recorded in Nevada (near Area 51) by a tourist. The witness said she was filming out of the bus windows while this strange object flew by. Filmed in late July 2014.

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  1. If it’s Area 51, and during the day, at most it’s an ARV (Alien Reproduction Vehicle), but more likely a stealth drone from a secret program on mission or undergoing some flight test. This footage seems to indicate that Lockheed does indeed fly anti-grav propulsion vehicles, which should come as NO surprise. And each one of these “caps” provides corroboration to the Bob Lazar story, which then implies that if indeed Area 51 has this kind of tech, then S4 is real, which means the documents he read are real, which further means that there are aliens here from Zeta Reticuli (little Greys), and that they have some very advanced technology which we are very sadly behind in understanding. It is a travesty if we are not letting our youth have a look at this stuff, because they need to be prepared for what is ahead, and that requires understanding physics that we have yet to see. I envy my son and the exciting time he lives in, because when he’s in college (and he’s only 4 now), the concept of ET’s living on Earth, as well as interstellar travel, should be commonplace by then. Hopefully, he’ll become a Jedi….

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