Alien Discovery Will Happen 20 Years From Now, According to SETI Researchers

From ordinary people to astronomers, one question has long been waiting for answer; is life present outside Earth? Now a group of astronomers estimated that this question could be answered after around 20 years with enough funding.California-based Search of Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute astronomers said that many pieces of evidence have been discovered suggesting that Milky Way galaxy has necessary components and conditions in hosting life. This has been said during a recent hearing of the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology of the U.S. House of Representative.

SETI Institute’s senior astronomer Seth Shostak was saying that six planets that might have life are within our solar system. He said that there are good chances finding it will happen, perhaps in the next 20 years, depending on funding.

Searching for other worlds within the solar system can be done in 3 ways, according to Shostak. The first way is what scientists have been doing; finding extraterrestrial life on Mars and moons in the solar systems. The second method, according to Shostak, is searching for signs of gases in the atmosphere of other planets that are mostly tied to life on Earth, and the third approach is hunting for advanced and intelligent alien beings who might be transmitting signals out into space.

According to the institute, the SETI programs use the radio and optical telescopes, which are the largest in the world, to look for proof of advanced or intelligent alien civilizations and their technology on far away planets.

Dan Werthimer of the University of California, Berkely, explained the projects during the hearing, particularly the effort to find intelligent life on other planets and how the NASA’s Kepler space observatory has been contributing to this effort. According to Werthimer, scientists discovered that the Milky Way Galaxy alone has trillion of planets through the Kepler mission.

Werthimer added in a statement that billions of these planets are about the size of Earth and are considered habitable or so called Goldilocks’ zone, their distances to their host star are just enough, not too far and not too close. This means that the temperature of these planets are not too cold and not too hot. According to Werthimer, there are billions of other galaxies outside our Milky Way galaxy, so this number makes enormous amount of places where life could exist and evolve.


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  1. Please dont give those clowns coverage..its always twenty yrs..Theyre here NOW,always been here..
    Cant say I love the new site layout but at least I can comment now

  2. What is it with these people do they really believe we are going to find that there is life out there in our great Universe. Well I have news for them the Universe is full of life and they already know that, we are not alone and have never ever been alone so stop with the bull shit telling us we will know within the next twenty years.
    People know now the truth that the powers that be DON’T want the people to know the truth, it is more power in their hands if they keep the truth from the masses.
    There is just to much prove out there around our planet that we have never been alone. So stop with the bull shit and tell us what you really know it would be a much better idea don’t you think for all man kind.

  3. what these guys aren’t aware of is thousands of people have been abducted by aliens for yrs & they HAVE “discovered” aliens already.i believe seti keywords here are “enough funding”..the ets have ALREADY been here-for quite some time

    • What the hell does “SETI” need funding for? They’re already getting our tax dollars in the first place. I think this is their way of introducing it to the public in “doses”. They won’t just come straight out and say “Yup, we made contact. Oh yeah, and they’re your everyday neighbors because they’ve been here the whole time. They’re all the kids who are real good at math”. Because SETI is a registered “Authority” so to speak, then if it comes from them, or any other registered government entity, it’s official. Even though, citizens have made all of the four contacts with sentient alien life for aeon’s. Just sounds like they want to slowly prepare the public for an introduction. The truth, even though they will never admit to it, will come out on its own after the fact. But I give the fools no credence. They’re foolish for thinking we were the only beings here in this vast universe. They’re foolish indeed. SNOPES can’t debunk that shit either.

  4. If you believe in the angels,,,eg Micheal the arch angel and Gabriel the best messenger ever! Then you already know what you are seeking!

  5. The US government are so full of there own shit its ridiculous….. Wont be long now till the WORLD is told we are being visited by extra terrestials…… I live in Horsham Australia. These governments have have ruined humanitys way of thinking so bad that still only maybe a quarter of the world would believe in Alien Civilisations, but soon as its released world wide by the corrupt governments u watch all them non believers start to believe…. Then only we actually might start seeing a change in the way we are ment to live & realise who it really was that created us. Realise the people in power have lied to us all this time & see how evil they actually are!!!! WE ARE ALL ONE created by a SUPERIOR BEING OR BEINGS.

  6. say now you fellas gots to know them that is in the know only tell ya what they want you to know, now o’l fred ain’t the sharpest fella in town but when I hear former astronauts like Gordon Mitchel speaking boldly about intelligent alien life it’s an eye opener even for a dedicated meathead,,,,

      • Janet the site needs a personal touch from o’l fred say an opening song like Lord I was born a Ramblin Man from them Allman Boys, and a main page panorama color image of the martian landscape with a group of Grays standing next to the NASA rover holding signs that say; Yankee go home….

  7. Alien Discovery Will Happen 20 Years From Now

    Alien DISCOVERY?
    I guess he meant DISCLOSURE of an alien presence. And now they know that they have to tell us at latest in 20 years from now on what they know about this case. Because almost everyone who wants to see can see right now what they will tell us then.

    By now it is forbidden, even if it is a ngo like Seti, for them to tell the truth! Maybe because of religious reasons, and profitable ones. Who will longer believe in an old man with a beard which is allmighty, when people know who really comes from “heaven”. Who will buy gas and electricity, when there is free energy, or almost free energy…

  8. Everytime goverments deny extraterrestial life and give us some extraterrestrials in bull story it almost is a admittance of the truth. As some of us have had the previlidge in seeing things that are clearly not from earth due to them showing themselves and seeing things beyond are knowledge of technology that we know exists on earth. Surely its better to tell humanity the truth of what they know is happening and happened. I for one dont need to be told the truth and can see thru all the lies.. until the people unite and demand the truth deception will continue. Stop treating us like idiots and have the courage to share what humanity deserves to know.

  9. i can tell you right now that i’ve discovered that aliens exist. i think SETI means disclosure, and what’s to disclose? 20 years from now?! i’m pretty sure we as in humanity is going to be brought to enlightenment way before 20 years.

  10. All of these governments and or groups who have kept disclosure from us will be held accountable. Don’t think we will forget that you have kept the most important story in our history depriving us from our god given right as human beings on the planet earth. You have destroyed our planet and made people suffer for nothing more than money and greed. What a pathetic thing you have done. When people realize what you have done you will be hunted down. We will find you and you will pay!

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