Most remarkable UFO sightings in June 2014

june 2014 ufos
Most remarkable UFO sightings in June 2014 by

June 2014; bright lights – Charente-Maritime, France

June 2014; UFOs – Rome, Italy

1st June 2014; ball of light – Northampton, UK

12th June 2014; unknown bright objects – Istanbul, Turkey

12th June 2014; circle-shaped ufo – Galveston, Texas

18th June 2014; UFO – North Kentucky

28th June 2014; unidentified flying objects – Washington DC

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  1. As impressive as these videos can be o’l freds never seen a ufo as impressive as the mrs. riding in the jump seat of my 58 willys jeep bouncin while we is riding topless in the jeep….

  2. Everyday i watch the newest UFO videos, i´m asking myself:
    How much percent of them are man-made, Black-Ops and that stuff.

  3. The object / image was seen for a pretty long time. Why a better camera with excellent zoom was not used? This seems to be feature with all UFO videos.

  4. Clearly the Kentucky clip is a hoax or most likely one. The others seem to be veritable UFOs. I don’t know what to think of the UK sighting. Most atypical. Looping around with a low persistence, quickly vanishing contrail, seemingly artificial. Maybe it is! Many of the UFO sightings that appear to be bonna fide feature a basic triangular shape or tetrahedral 3D shape. Those seen at night appear to put on a light show.

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