All aliens go to hell


A creationist claims that all aliens will go to hell. Maureen and Jason travel to the 2014 MUFON symposium see interviews with speakers and a special interview with filmmaker Jeremy Corbell. That and other space and UFO news on this episode of Spacing Out!

Stories discussed on this episode:
– Seth Green on Hollywood’s negative depiction of aliens
State archaeologist says ancient Indian paintings depict aliens and UFOs
– NASA scientists agree that aliens are out there
– No salvation for aliens, according to creationist Ken Ham

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  1. They are deceivers so called beings of light, Lucifer means being of light, these beings are non corporeal, cast out of the dimension we term heaven. They will deceive humankind, the ignorant and deceived will accept them as saviors. When the true Savior returns to earth they will all be cast out of the earths atmosphere to the eternal lake of fire.

  2. this video is so out of date/ come on the aliens have been working with the USA 50 years in secret and you guys still debating if aliens exist????? where the f–pp have you been? I refer you to Malaysian 370 which the yanks say is 317 is in fact 370 with bodies in decomposing and without blood have been found ( its the aliens that drain the blood from people they have taken. FORGET IT YOU THINK ITS TOO WAY OUT .BUT I BELIEVE IT IS THE TRUTH CHECK THE AUTOPSY REPORT IF THEY RELEASE IT WHICH I DOUBT FOR IT WILL BLOW THE WHOLE CASE OPEN.

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