Crop circles 2014: Germany & UK

latest crop circles

Latest crop circle reports from Germany and UK.

  • July 18; Ammersee, Bavaria, Germany

  • July 22; Welsh Way, near Barnsley, Gloucestershire, UK

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  1. Lot if work , thought and ingenuity goes into crop circles, but the messages are way over my head (pardon the pun)

  2. the one in germany is amazing so intricate in there design these are messages for other alien types as they can only be seen from above

  3. LUFOS i am having to sign in everyday, and my settings are automatic, so the problem is on your side. The Barnsley one is really interesting, indeed.

  4. I would love for the genuine artist/circle maker to reveal him/themselves and show us exactly how it is done, by creating a complicated circle which is both as clean cut and precise as this one. There would have to be a time limit too oh, and of course, no comebacks from the landowners/farmers, whose lives they have affected, often quite badly. If I was farmer, I’d be fascinated to see how it was done.

    • there are many books on how crop circles are done. all reports are of a shiny basketball or larger type ball that whirls the wheat stalks into patterns. not of this earth, entirely non-man made, and the craft uses very fast air to make the patterns. they never touch the ground.

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