UFO Sighting Reports Near Port City In Turkey Increase In July

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Turkish UFO researchers claim they have received many reports about UFO sightings near Bodrum’s port city in July.

Bodrum is a district and port city on the southwestern coast of the nation. Sirus UFO, a Turkey-based research organization, say that this area has been the hotbed for UFO sightings this month. The organization posted many pictures and videos showing UFOs above the area. They say that they learned about many sightings with the help of the local press who have been tipping them.

One of the reports they have received was accompanied by a video shot by Mustafa Karatay at the Bodrum Castle near the heart of the city on July 7.

Another UFO sighting report was supported by photos taken by Rock Mehmet in the town of Konacik in Bodrum district.

Another UFO sighting was reported by Bar Esen and Peak Uluoluk with a photo showing a UFO also in Konacik town, Bodrum district.

Sirius UFO acknowledge the fact that many UFO pictures are due to Chinese lanterns, Venus, blemishes, birds, light reflection, bubbles and atmospheric phenomena. However, they argue that many reported objects cannot be explained by any conventional reasons. They note that all aspects are being considered before they conclude and the images are still under comprehensive investigations.

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  1. sometimes when very high flying jets are in sunlight, and we on the earth can’t see the sun anymore, the short contrail can light up like this. it all depends on the angle of the light hitting the jet,and where the jet is positioned.

  2. Yes, nobody doubts that, and since it’s a perfectly natural thing, nobody would care about it with the intense flying activity nowadays. Now this object is clearly not a jetliner, but something else. It belongs to the type of video that have either been tampered with (very unlikely in this case) or you have an object that is difficult to explain.

    • but how can you tell it’s clearly not a jetliner, with all the shaking? i found the video really bad to watch, and my assumption was a jetliner. i could also say it’s clearly not an unknown object.

    • good people of this earth; space debris does not “float around” in our skies! space debris comes crashing in at high speed, 98% of the time over oceans. space debris also burns up in the atmosphere. do you think jets and planes would be allowed to fly the skies, if space debris was floating around in it? no.

  3. Of course you can’t say it with certainty. But this was after sunset looking in the direction of the setting sun. Bad angle for reflection. And the object seemed much closer at the beginning of the video, when those people noticed with the naked eye. Also not consistent with a jetliner flying at high altitude. And if that were a normal occurrence, people wouldn’t care to take a video of it.

  4. I was at the coast, beside Bodrum Castle in June, eating dinner with 2 others. I took a photo of the bay because of a beautiful golden glow that flooded the boats & water. I looked at the photo, noticed a metallic like object and immediately scanned the sky (within seconds) to View what I had caught on camera. The sky was empty. A bird or human craft would have still been visible somewhere, but we saw nothing. The object is not dissimilar to the object shown above, And there was no noise, no sound that accompanied the moment.

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