Daytime UFO activity over Boston, Massachusetts 5-May-2014

ufos over boston

Interesting daytime video of a UFO activity in the sky above Boston, MA. This was filmed on 5th May 2014.

Witness report: Large bright glowing orb above cloud level and several small birdlike objects seem to be divebombing the glowing object as it flys away.
I went out for a hike at the Assabet River refuge in Stow, Mass. with my camera for wildlife photos when I happened to look up and saw a glowing ball of light quietly and quickly moving across the sky. I first thought maybe a meteor, then satellite or very high altitude balloon. It was solid white and disc-shaped continuously. I was surprised and amazed and decided to capture what I could on video. The object flew out of sight. On the video I later noticed smaller dark objects maneuvering nearby or around the orb. No idea what it was.

Author (source: mufon)


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  1. i don’t understand how you can be focussed right on the object at the start, and then shake wildly after? by the way you cannot see satellites in the day.

  2. extremely difficult to tell.duration and clarity of video is very short Could be sun reflecting off object. Could not detect an engine sound on audio but wind direction could effect that. speed appears to be a little fast for a commercial plane unless it was a small private or military contrail noticed..I would say the high probability that it is a man made object..

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