Daytime UFO over Milan, Italy 6-Jul-2014

UFO Italy

Another interesting footage was recorded by Italian UFO contactee Antonio Urzi. This was recorded over Milan, the second most populous city in Italy on Sunday, 6th July 2014. Camera: Canon EOS 60D with 1000mm telephoto zoom lenses.

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    • I agree with Denise. I was at a wedding where gold and silver bunches of metallic balloons were released and they looked just like this as they floated and caught the sun. But who knows?

  1. Denise, I’m not saying this is a video of beings from another world. But a “fancy Ballon”? I don’t think so.

    • this is a balloon,you know this ,so stop playing your games.ufology is being ruined and undermined by crap and gamesmanship like this!!!

  2. There are caming to divide the bad from the good people in order to make a new world,! There will be no politician, no war anymore, there will be no money sistems everything is going be free for everyone! There will be no one child dying for starvetion! As we all know are dying 30 thousend children everyday of famine! Many people there are going to dying because are not surrender to the divine intelligents because of spirutal ignorants,

  3. I saw something similar to your sighting in poole England with mine was in cloud and moving about I didn’t have camera or binoculars with me so no evidence had a few explanations from helicopter to ice dogs which I don’t know what they are your sighting very interesting.

  4. What most of you don’t understand, is there real, but government don’t want you to think so “why because they have taken a lot of there technology and reversed it to are technology , it’s called revers, any ways think about it what better way to have as an excuse to get close to observe other country’s . It’s not hard to figure out it’s all about controll.

  5. seems to be just floating , falling towards the ground, not showing any motor control or flying ability. Looks cool but no evidence of alien intelligence or manipulation

  6. What I would like to know. Is there any intelligent life on this planet?
    So many people profess to know what “Aliens” are doing or what their intentions are.Or what the government plans are etc,etc, how tiresome it is.
    And as for this sighting , by a “Contactee” whatever that may mean, the “UFO” looks like a set of foil balloons, in my humble opinion.
    Just land on the White House lawn already!

  7. Clearly those of you that say it showed no motion and only floating and drifting to the ground, what are you basing this on? There are no reference points to allow this suggestion….not to mention, you clearly did not watch the entire video. There are clear points in the video where there is absolutely lateral movement going from the left of the screen to the right. There is also a plane that goes through the shot. I see no shape or reference that indicates that this is a balloon. I consider this unidentified in the true sense until “proven” otherwise. People can remain closed minded. There will soon be a time when that will not be an option and it is best to get used to the idea and become comfortable with it before it is shoved down your throat and you freak out. Survival of the spiritual fittest will be the theme.

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