Greek Gods Could Have Been The Alien Occupants

greek gods aliens

Are Greek gods the advanced extraterrestrial beings with sophisticated UFO technology? Apollo 12 was hit by not one but two lightning bolts just after take-off. Theory has surfaced saying that humans were given warnings to stop exploring the moon. Such strange lights were also encountered by later Apollo missions.

Greek gods seem to prefer being separated from common people and they resided on or in Mount Olympus. Or perhaps Greek gods had occasional encounters or manifestations with or for the common people. So why did gods abduct people? This question could be best answered by UFO occupants.

The Oz factor was first coined by UFO researcher Jenny Randles (Amazon link). Common people felt it on their experiences when taken by the gods. Oz factor has been used to explain the feeling in the area of silence and otherworldliness when experiencing a UFO encounter. There are some abductees reported that they were paralyzed and others did not feel any fear when it makes sense to feel such thing. Missing time phenomena are also common on alien abduction tales.

The theory that Greek gods rode chariots across the horizon is another tale that could relate them to aliens. It is believed by many that Greek people witnessed these gods riding with strange vehicles and incorporated the sighting according to their own cultural context.

Another thing to note about Greek gods that would connect them to extraterrestrial beings is the advancement of medicine. Extraterrestrials could have been mistaken to have healing abilities and the truth is that they just have access to advanced medicine similar with gods.

Source: Diane Tessman

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  1. Of course they could have been, along with Jesus, Mohammed, Vishnu etc.
    Our knowledge hadn’t expanded and we were probably swamped with what people still call, miracles. Alien Gods would have seemed to have had magical abilities, much as our Ipad would be the same to a primitve tribe fromn the Amazonian forest. Clever males noticed our awe and exploited it in order to gain control and importance. The ‘Gods’,having intervened in our development and either got fed up with our stupidity and power struggles, or gave up hope of our species progressing further than as warring parties, cleared off to where they came from. Perhaps they are still monitoring us and waiting for us to mature? lol! Who knows.

    • The last comment sums it up,very well,why would you assist people who would only use the knowledge,to kill others!!…..and it still happens today!!using technology to shoot innocent persons flying in unarmed civilian aircraft..!!….we are in the 21st century,yet carryon,as if humans are still caveman mentality

  2. Either way you look at it, if you had the capabilities colonize,I think most species would,and they would also leave there religion and beliefs with also, look at all the different cultures on earth but yet most believe in one GOD over all others,maybe that many civilizations have visited earth..

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