Latest crop circles from Netherlands & UK

crop circles 2014

Here are the new crop circle. These two were recently found in Netherlands and United Kingdom.

  • July 8; Standdaarbuiten, Netherlands

  •  July 15; Macmillan Way near Rodmarton, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

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    • actually crop circles are made from an extremely fast whirlwind. objects that have been caught on camera appear to be shiny metal balls, (ufo?) and they have a loud whirring sound that makes the pattern with air.that’s why the wheat patterns never have broken stalks. yes i know this will sound insane to some people, but i’ve read so many accounts on how they are made.

  1. The one in Netherlands- with No 8- to me says a few things energetically that inter-relate. In Pool-the 8 ball is black and white and the last ball played to end the game. It is an expression of high contrast between light and dark, life and death. No 8 in gnostic charts is also representative of attainment of ‘civility’ and relates to colours ( light) of yellow and orange- red spectrum,this also speaks of blending universal intelligence with blood- or physical (material) life. Esoterically, the number 8 – is a number for metaphysical energies. This is often mis-judged as relating to ‘dark’ energetic activity- but really this needs to be overcome to realize that humanity needs to be civilized in its activities. This is the number and colour of universal intelligence ie, for humans to act in a civil way of applying love and intelligence to life. It speaks of humanity to human beings and the way they act towards eachother as a whole.It also references the symbol of infinity and divine laws of energetic resonance- eg. the flight path of the bee-with the bee often used throughout history as a symbol of esoteric arts. The fact that this turns up now is saying, it is a time to choose between life and death (end game) to be civilized towards eachother in an enlightened manner or not- resulting in death. In this is represents, an overall statement of need to evolve to a state of enlightenment and apply this to our physical lives.
    The other crop design In UK of the dot entering from perimeter to the inner circle surrounded by a broken link of 20 petals, is referring to an event ensuing DNA transformation. ‘Jesus’ or the perfect example of DNA blueprint is represented in the number 20 that has already eveolved and now an evolutionary stage of impregnation of this blueprint is going to occur by insertion, imersion of that energetic source into the central nucleus of the inner circle of our cellular arrangement and DNA. This is a wonderful and positive symbolism, as it denotes transformation to a greater state of intelligence, wholeness, health and well being – also an unleashing of suppressed powers and energies that will be available ie, higher energetic resonances in our whole beings from the very central power source of our DNA , present in every cell.The body will heal itself and many of today’s diseases/illnesses that have been mis-arrangements of the true DNA blueprint will disappear. Yeah,Halleluija! Imagine that!

  2. Th infinity symbol can mean many things, including Ourobos, and sometimes a ‘cigar’ is just a ‘cigar’.
    Not much point in communicating if nobody understands the message without speculation.

  3. very interesting… has anyone ever taken these images, in chronological order, dated them, and tried to get a computer readout to determine what message is being sent, if any? Maybe check the dates of the messages and see if they correspond with some natural catastrophy. Something like a volcanic eruption or a massive earthquake? I get the feeling they(crop circles) are either messsages to us, or messages to their mother ship reporting conditions on the ground. Instead of all you brainiacs trying to debunk things of this nature, analyze it. These symbols are too ornate and complicated in design to be random. If they are man made, someone out there knows who is doing this and they’ll be found out and exposed. I’d like to know if I’m the only one who ever thought about doing the analysis?

  4. Ok guys this is manmade, they are easy to do, to be made by inteligente beings remember the complexity of the true ones, and there is not to much filosofy of life on this crops hoaxs…So i say!

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